A Better Stats 101

Kurt —  January 20, 2005

Kevin Pelton, one of the people at the forefront of the new statistical wave is basketball and the guy behind the official Seattle Supersonics Web site, has put together a “Statistical Analysis Primer” that blows my Stats 101 out of the water.

His has a few more equations than my attempt (I intentionally went for a Stephen Hawking write-a-math-book-without-the-equations style) but he has better, cleaner explanations and not so many equations that your eyes will glaze over if you hated math.

If you didn’t hate math, in fact you enjoyed it and like the idea of applying it to basketball, check out the APBRmetrics discussion board. I belong there but post rarely — one should know when one is not the smartest person in the room and just try to learn. Great discussions going on over there.

And, if you want to read some random stats applied to blogs, there’s this bit, which ends up comparing this site to Dirk Nowitzki.