Sprewell A Laker?

Kurt —  September 12, 2005

They give no source (which should be a hint this is crap), but the St. Paul Pioneer Press is reporting Latrell Sprewell may be a Laker soon. Because of the (obvious) work needed on this blog today I’m not going to get into details, but this is not a move I would make. This coming season will be Sprewell’s 14th in the NBA, and last year he shot just 45% (eFG%), had a weak 0.98 points per shot attempt, scored 99 points per 100 possessions used and gave up 110 to his opposite number (the league average was 106).

Bottom line, his PER was a career low 12.1 (league average of 15), and at his age it’s not going up, and we have an overload at the two and the three already. Don’t confuse the current version of Spree with the good player of the late 1990s anymore, he still uses a lot of shots (20.5% of his team’s shots when he was on the floor last year) but doesn’t give you much for them anymore. Sprewell (with some help from Cassell) dragged the T-Wolves down last year and would not make the Lakers better next year.