Fast Break

Kurt —  September 19, 2005

Just clearing out the inbox on a Monday morning:

• Updated: Using better math ideas provided by the people at APBR, I have refigured some thoughts along the lines of the passing post below, trying to figure out roughly what percentage of Laker assists went to three pointers last year compared to previous years. Remember, Rudy T.’s offense largely consisted of Kobe or Lamar penetrating then, if they didn’t have the shot or the foul, kicking out for a three. Last season, about 29% of Laker assists went to three pointers, up from closer to 14.3% the last year Phil Jackson coached the team. Even in the championship Laker years the number was never higher than 20.4% (01-02,). While I’ve changed the numbers the point remains the same — when I was saying I was hoping that better Laker passing would lead to a few more easy baskets this season I didn’t mean threes, I don’t consider those easy.

• Every paper in the United States and Europe has now reported Vlade has said he will retire. The Lakers say they haven’t heard anything yet.

• Among the generous offers the New Orleans Hornets have received is one to play their games this season in the Fabulous Forum. This is about as likely to happen as Pat Robertson officiating a gay wedding, but it’s a slow week so it gets mentioned. The offer was extended from the religious organization that runs the facility now (for those that don’t know, the majority of events that take place in the old Forum now are religious services/revival style meetings).

• When New Orleans gets rebuilt, there needs to be a concerted effort to bring back the distinctive feel and style of the old French Quarter and other areas of the city. Having dealt with numerous developers over the years — and with the current trends in building residential and commercial centers — I have serious concerns about the “Disneyfication’ of New Orleans. There needs to be a historical preservation organization deeply involved in the rebuild process from the start.