Fast Break

Kurt —  September 26, 2005

Slow Monday so far, which is always how it is heading into training camp. But a couple of things I’ll pass along.

• According to the “where will the Lakers finish” poll (look to the right), most of you are most optimistic than I am about the Lakers this season. The winner as of now in the poll is the Lakers finishing sixth or higher. For the record, I voted for 7th but think they need to keep the starting five healthy this year to make that happen.

• While you almost never see trades this time of year, the Laker rumor mill is humming, as mentioned in the comment thread below. Inside Hoops is reporting that Sprewell is still likely to be a Laker and that Los Angeles and Minnesota are now working on a multi-player deal (it reads as if they got this from Sprewell’s agent). Over at Hoopsworld they are hinting that some big-name players are involved in this trade. Personally, I’m not sure there’s enough salt in the Salton Sea for me to swallow this rumor, but there may be a little smoke at least (but not a fire).

• Joke that made me laugh out loud last week, from comedy Writer Jerry Perisho via Ben Maller:

The dramatic landing of a Jet Blue jetliner in Los Angeles on Thursday ended with a loud grinding noise and the smell of burning rubber. It reminded me of Timberwolves center Michael Olowokandi running down the floor.