Fast Break

Kurt —  October 14, 2005

Through the weekend I’ll be filling in over at True Hoop, following and commenting NBA news — except for when my Irish are defeating USC (a guy can dream, can’t he?). The Lakers have left Hawaii and news is a little slow, but here are some team and NBA thoughts:

• Aaron McKie started the second preseason game for the Lakers and went scoreless (and get used to that, McKie is a weak offensive player), but he may get the job when the season starts. Any plans for Luke Walton to begin the season as a starter went out the door with his severe hamstring injury that will keep him out of training camp for at least a couple weeks and possibly until the season is a couple weeks old. Smush got a shot in the opener and his performance will not earn him a second chance. There aren’t a lot of other options with this thin Laker bench.

• As a side note on Luke’s injury, these things can be nagging if not allowed to heal properly. Better to keep him out too long now rather than bring him back too early and have him struggle with the injury throughout the season.

• If you thought Steve Nash was the league MVP last season, or even the Suns’ MVP, look how he does without Stoudemire the first two thirds of the season. (I thought the Suns were taking a step back this year before the injury, but now it’s a big step — Brian Grant is going to get a chunk of Amare’s minutes. I saw that movie last season and didn’t like it then.)

• The much-anticipated John Hollinger’s Basketball Forecast is landing on the doorsteps of bloggers and NBA fans everywhere. Except mine (despite my preorder). I’d hoped to sink my teeth into it this weekend, but the US Postal Service has other ideas.

• If, as rumored, Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski is named the USA Basketball coach that makes Kobe even more likely to be a member of the team. As I’ve written before, that is good, because we know Kobe can hit an 18-foot jumper consistently, which would set him apart from the last US Olympic team.