Minor Start

Kurt —  October 22, 2005

We know two things: 1) The Lakers are going to send a couple of players down to the D-League to start the season; 2) there are six players on the Laker roster now who qualify (in their first two years in the league).

So, who gets sent down?

Tony Bobbit?
Andrew Bynum?
Devin Green?
Adam Parada?
Sasha Vujacic?
Von Wafer?

In reality, that is only five as Parada will not make the team (and I’d be surprised if Bobbit did as well). Phil Jackson said in the LA Times Saturday that Sasha was a possibility, but that may be as much to light a fire under him as it being a serious chance (always hard to tell these things with Phil, he loves to use the media to pass along motivational messages). If Sasha does go down where does that leave the surprisingly solid Green — on the roster or on the street? After missing much of camp with an abdominal strain (he is cleared to practice again now), do the Lakers send Bynum down for a while to get some game experience or keep him on the roster to work with Kareem?

Who said there was no intrigue in camp with just 10 days left until the first game?

Update: By Tuesday Phil Jackson had told area papers that Von Wafer and Andrew Bynum will be up with the team to start the season. If that’s the case, Green is likely bound for the NDBL and the big question is what happens to Sasha?