Jumaine Jones To Charlotte

Kurt —  October 26, 2005

Update: This trade is now official.

This morning the Charlotte Observer is reporting that Jumaine Jones is about to be traded to the Bobcats for a second round pick (registration required). They say the trade could go down today.

It is no shock that Jones is going to be traded — I actually had a note to mention that in an upcoming post — and doing it now allows you to keep a younger player on the roster. My only question is, if you waited, could get more than a future second rounder? This is a last year contract ($1.8 mil), a solid veteran who can shoot the three (39.1% from beyond the arc last season) and had an impressive 1.11 points per shot attempt last season. He would be good off the bench for the right team. Still, a Bobcat second rounder is really equal to a late first rounder, so it’s not a bad deal. I like Jones and hope he does well teamed up with Kareem Rush again.