Suggested Reading

Kurt —  November 30, 2005

The first sports blog I started reading regularly was Dodger Thoughts. As a long-time Dodger fan frustrated (and still frustrated) by questionable moves by ownership, Jon’s site was a breath of fresh air compared to the mainstream Los Angeles media — a rational and measured discussion of baseball by fans that was smart and well written.

If you’re a Dodger fan, or a baseball fan, you need to check it out — I know many of you already have.

Now Dodger Thoughts is a multi-media empire — you can get Dodger Thoughts in old-fashioned book form, the Best of Dodger Thoughts. One of the best parts is not only do you get the great posts, what makes Dodger Thoughts special is the great community of commenters, and the best of those comments also are in the book.

I don’t throw out a lot of book recommendations (although I will say if your thinking of buying the new Nick Hornby, let me save you the time as I just finished it last night — it’s not that great), but this is one I’ve already ordered. Jon is the dean of LA sports bloggers, the best out there (and the guy that inspired the tone and tenor of this site) and it’s the one book where I’ve already read everything in it and still want to own it.