Pure magic

Kurt —  December 21, 2005

As many basketball games as you have seen, sometimes one person’s game can overwhelm you.

I can tell you Kobe was +34 for the night, in just three quarters of work. I can tell you Kobe had a true shooting percentage of 73.8% for the evening. Or that after three quarters the score was Kobe 62, Dallas 61.

But some things you need to just sit back, watch and enjoy. Some things are pure magic.

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  1. Preach it brother….

  2. Unbelievable performance by Number 8…

    Just as remarkable is the Lakers beating Dallas twice in a span of one week.

    If you live in Southern California, FSN is showing the game again on Wednesday at noon…
    I am going to TIVO the game just to watch the third quarter alone….

  3. The efficiency and the resolve were captivating. That goes into the pantheon of moments where I’ve seen an athlete dialed in to the extent where he seems to be on a higher plane. To get smacked in the head and then not react physically or violently… just proceed to retaliate in a manner that is both acceptable and brilliant….

    I can’t resist: Shaq’s best is 61…

  4. One more thing. The Lakers are only 1.5 games out of first place. Talk about an early Christmas present!

  5. Kobe was just amazing but I am shocked that one Laker writer Eric Pincus is saying that feat is noty that great since he had no assist 18-312 shooting mr Pincus is awesome! No wI did not like eraly in the season when Kobe was shooting below 42% but the last ten he % is getting really good now! I think that Kobe has surpassed Jordan

  6. Steve, I think you should take a second look at Pincus’ story with your satire detector turned on.

  7. And as much as I love Kobe, he has not passed Jordan.

  8. Although…for one night he did. Now having seen Kobe do what he did last night, I believe it close to a possibility that 100 points in a game can be challenged somewhere in out lifetimes. Surpassed, perhaps not. But certainly challenged if everything falls into place.

  9. Kobe can be compared to jordan ability-wise, but until he contends with a different cast around him, the comparison ends there. That is one thing you can say for Duncan. He’s won rings with completely different teammates.

  10. Absolutely, amazing performance against the team with the third best record in the NBA. And I think it needs to be mentioned that Phil offered to let Kobe go back in game midway through the 4th to go for the record and Kobe declined because they had a 30 point lead. Kobe haters go back in your hole for a day. The deserves nothing but praise right now.

  11. Kobe was incredible but holding Dallas to 61 points after 3 quarters was also just as great. I can only imagine if the game was close. Kobe could have gone on to make his story. I was in awe. I’m definitely looking forward to this Christmas game.

    As for Jordan comparisons I think Jordan done his thing and now it’s time for Kobe to do his. Jordan is history. Now we have the previledge to see history being written. I wish I could have seen the other Laker greats that scored more than Kobe. Elgin, Wilt, West, the Lakers are basketball. I hope Phil can bring them to all to the next level. Kobe deserves to win championships. Laker for life. Peace

  12. What steel said.

    And props to the team D that faciliated
    the Kobe flow– lovely blocks by Lamar,
    Luke, Kwame–
    I think even the ‘Cic
    ( my nickname for Sasha )
    got in on one.

    Keep it up, fellas.
    No fear.

  13. Now I’m simply left wondering: Where is this team gonna go? The supporting cast is providing the D and Kobe is supplying the O (with help here and there) and I just have to reconsider where I thought they were gonna go in the playoffs now. But I just can’t figure out where…

  14. Looks like I was wrong about this team, at least for now.

    Give Bryant credit. One of the times he REALLY HAS been like Jordan.

  15. My Laker peeps, left wondering, wrong about this team at least for now, take a little from Phil and be in the moment. This is not just a win. This made history. When have you ever made history in your work place as long as you’ve been working where you’ve been at. If all you are worried about is the ring well even with the mighty Shaq we got toppled by Detroit. True fans are going to show strong support. Take a note from the Red Sox. We don’t have a curse of the Bambino, but their fans are fair weathered. What’s your excuse. We’ve got the history to backup that we’ve got one of the most storied franchises in NBA History. It’s your own issues that you have to get over. This team made history last night. Jordan failed for over 8 years before he won his ring. Enjoy the moment my brotha! Peace

  16. Re: 15

    “Forget it, he’s rolling.”

  17. Double secret probation…

  18. Its certainly pointless to say at this point, but I’ll say it anyway: Kobe is the TRUTH!!

    Here’s hoping for payback this Christmas in Shaq’s crib.

  19. I would buy last night’s game on DVD.

  20. wow. look at all the commenters.

    i’m a little surprised at how cold i was to watching the game last night.

    i don’t see myself as a kobe “hata”. i do have some issues with his game, but i do recognize along with his faults his greatness.

    and i don’t fault him or the team for riding the hot hand. it just seemed a little dangerous how everybody on the team was turned into a spectator until the game was blown wide open.

    and you know, there’s the whole major issue of trying to work all the other players into the offense in some form of consistency around him. i would’ve rather seen more of that.

    but yeah, just ride that wave. the interviews afterward changed my outlook, how he said before the game he was so angry and determined not to lose after the houston debacle. i doubt the rest of the team had anything near his fire.

    i was surprised phil asked if he wanted back in in the 4th, and i was even more surprised that he said no.

    i must say, seeing the look on his face as he thumped his chest to the crowd at the end of the 3rd quarter did a little something for me. he’s such the whipping boy for so many fans. must be difficult to play for a town that half the people always talk like they despise you.

    honest injun though, i was more excited in the game a week or so back, i believe it was against the mavs too, where i was having jordan flashbacks as he sliced up the maverick defense with pinpoint passes out of his jumpshot.

    deja vu.

  21. I don’t think that I have ever seen so many comments on a single game on this site.. I would like to say one thing and one thing only. We won and we are continueing to win. That is all that matters. I am happy for Kobe having the game of his life but what is more important is that we won. Lets continue to have faith. Merry Christmas to all.

  22. I will always be a Kobe supporter, so maybe I am biased, and am listening w/ sensitive ears….but after a day of listening to talking heads, and reading bonehead writers of all kinds, it seems to me that Kobe should’ve gone for a 100. The only reason I can determine is that he’s so hated by everyone that is on TV, or in print (w/ the 2 or 3 exceptions) that no matter what he did, he’s going to be the bad guy. Why not go for it all. I’m proud of him for staying out of the game, and I’m not buying into (what I’ve heard some people say) that Phil MADE him sit.

  23. Great night for kobe and the lakers are doing their thing. Now the key is for lamar to become a scottie pippen clone and kwame needs to become a horace grant clone phil bring in horace to toutor kwame and bring in scottie to work with lamar some more if these two become more consistent watch out for the lakers and if they get turiaf back I think the lakers are going to be the surprise team this year. And phil play bynum let him get his feet wet sure he has to learn but the best learning one can get is to play . You have to learn to fail which prepares you to win.