On Tap: The Memphis Grizzlies

Kurt —  December 28, 2005

Record: 16-10 (Pythagorean 12-14), 5th seed in the West
Record last 10 games: 6-4
Record Against Lakers this season: 1-1
Offensive Rating: (105.1, 18th in league)
Defensive Rating: (101, 4th in league)

About the Grizzlies: The last time these two hooked up was the final game of the Lakers 5-1 road trip, and LA won handily, 94-79.

You will hear tonight that Memphis gives up the fewest points per game in the league, but they do that in part because they play at the slowest pace in the league (86.1 possessions per game). That’s not to say they are not a good defensive team, they are fourth in the league in efficency. Teams only shoot 45.4% (eFG%) against them, and Memphis is second in the league in creating turnovers, on 18.6% of opponents’ possessions.

Looking at the stats at 82games.com, Memphis is especially good at perimeter defense, the Lakers need to get some points inside tonight.

One thing I hope to see tonight: The Lakers shoot like they did last time these two hooked up — 57.4% as a team. Take Kobe out of the equation and everyone else still shot 52.8%.

The Lakers coming in: Kobe and Phil — and likely the rest of the Lakers — were frustrated with the loss in Washington. Other Lakers missed key shots late, but Kobe took 27 shots while shooting 40.7% while everyone else shot 51.1% for the game. Other guys need to step up and hit key shots late, but Kobe has to get the ball to teammates when they are shooting well. The Laker execution of the offense fell apart in the second half.

Key’s to a Laker win: It’s going to be a slow down, low scoring game, meaning efficiency with possessions will be at a premium. The Lakers need to take care of the ball, not turn it over, and make shots when they get good looks. Also, last time these two played the Lakers did a good job on Gasol (10 points on 4 of 11 shooting) while Mike Miller had a big game (21 points). You’d rather let Miller beat you — the Lakers need to keep Gasol from having a big night. Finally, the Lakers need to keep Eddie Jones and Damon Stoudamire in check, both can get hot and fill it up for a night.

This is a tough test, a tough game for a team trying not to lose three in a row, but it is one they can win. They just need to play at their best again,

to On Tap: The Memphis Grizzlies

  1. Sasha took no shots… Cook was 4-5 but can’t get on the floor late in the game. If were gonna ride Kobe when HE’s hot….

    Chucky must have heard us talking on Saturday night, he was +14.


  2. ugh what? come on now I know we just lost by one point and I didn’t see the game on tv.. but I did see it on the internet.. (every thirty seconds) but hey every 30 seconds can tell you a lot.. it can tell you that Kobe keep the team in the game and that he shot a horrible percentage. It will tell you that Lamar had a spectaculer 1st half and then in the second half he seemed to dissapear. (like always) the stats that update every 30 seconds will also tell me that Kwame keep his tradition of having stone hands and turning the ball over almost as much as he scores points. I don’t know I am kinda getting fed up with the whole lets all be happy with the “team that isn’t suppose to be doing this well do so well” well you know what from my 30 second updates that I have to sustain while in the eastern half of the globe and not the nba.. I have seen a team mold itself into a team that has no proven ways and not tried components. P.J. is making this group play to the best of their abilities.. but come on now.. I don’t think that losing 3 in a row by less then 5 points says a whole lot for MY team. I love the LAKERS always have and always will. enough said. I’m done.


  3. Highlight of the game for me was pre-game.

    “Mychal Thompson: Blah blah blah idiocy blah blah blah Grizzlies are soft blah blah blah Grizzlies are soft blah blah blah.

    Spiro: Uh they are #1 in points allowed.

    Mychal: What? Well I don’t know how they do that.”

    Great preparation dumbass. Kurt for pregame!