Gatinho —  January 23, 2006

Still at the in-laws on vacation — I can’t beleive I missed this game (not on in Vegas).

I just caught the ESPN News highlights. I looked at the box score, Kobe had a true shooting percentage of 74% tonight (the league average is 53%) and it looks like he couldn’t miss. Those of you that saw the game let me know, was the Raptor defense part of this, or wouldn’t it have mattered? Kobe was also +23. I also have the rest of the Lakers outside of Kobe shooting just 36.9%? Were they off, was this a case of Kobe needing to take over, because they were down for a while.

Fill me in, tell me what you saw (Gatinho, who is doing a great job filling in as guest blogger, may have a more informed post than this up before then). I’ll be back with a post on Tuesday and a mid-season report card for the team later in the week.