Transition Game

Gatinho —  February 2, 2006

(Off) Key Stats: 30% from the field. 11 total assists. 3-7 on the tail end of back-to-backs. Two more back-to-backs left on this the longest road trip of the season.

Turiaf update: The Press-Enterprise reports that one of the representatives for Lakers rookie forward Ronny Turiaf said his client hopes to get his work visa from the United States government in the next couple of days.

Dunk you very little: Nate Robinson was reprimanded by the coaching staff for flexing his muscles and twirling around following his dunk in the final seconds against the Lakers, a jam that cut the deficit from 35 to 33. Brown had the score superimposed on the tape when the play was shown to the team. Bryant, who has three championship rings, burst out laughing at Robinson’s antics.



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  1. Nate Robinson is a pretty damn good ballplayer. Dumb move, though.

    Can’t wait for Turiaf in a Lakers jersey. Even if he only plays spot minutes, I’m sure he can give effort that they obviously needed last night.


  2. Amen to Turiaf. I think mgmt goofed in not moving Odom for Artest. At least he’s reliable (not from the emotional/personality standpoint) and comes to play everyday. Whereas Odom is just the opposite. I just don’t see me meshing w K8, it’s been almost half a season and look at the inconsistency. They should heed Jackson’s suggestions on players and move accordingly. The long range, 2007, cap space didn’t accomplish much. Did they really think Yao, Amare and now Bosh would come???

    Keep up the good work.


  3. Yao and Amare was a pipedream. However, there are some very good players that will be available in 2007. I think the 3 players that the Lakers have a legitimate chance at acquiring are Rashard Lewis, Mike Bibby and Paul Pierce.

    Obviously, each player would need a reason to leave their current teams. What happend if Seattle misses the playoffs this year and next? Or, Artest goes crazy and the Kings also miss the playoffs this year and next? What if Pierce isn’t happy with his supporting cast? Would he want to come to the Lakers (He went to school in Inglewood; has a good relationship with Magic) and be Kobe’s sidekick?

    Management does listen to Jackson on most matters. Odom is untouchable in part because Phil loves him. What other players in the league lead therir team in rebounding and assists?


  4. “I just don’t see me meshing w K8, it’s been almost half a season and look at the inconsistency.”

    It’s been a year and a half when you think about it…which makes the lack of chemistry even worse

    “What other players in the league lead therir team in rebounding and assists?”

    That’s more a testament to the Lakers’ lack of big men (sorry Chris) and true point guard (sorry Smush). The same goes for guys like Paul Pierce (who leads the celts in boards/assists) and KG who is probably close to doing it in Minnesota.

    Sadly, the problem is that Kobe is just too good for his own good. If you could make potentially any shot on the court at any moment, would you really trust guys like Sasha and Chris Mihm to take those shots?


  5. Lamar is a junk man, like Adrian Dantley and C Ceballos. He was the most effective player on the Olympic team, because there were no expectations for him. He is a third option – plain and simple.


  6. Times reported today that Turiaf won’t have a visa for “at least one more week”.


  7. Just watched most of the Charlotte debacle. Kobe should go for 50 every time out! They have no one to rely on consistently. Can they do anything b4 the trade deadline??? Maybe even the waiver wire, Big shrunk Dog, or someone, yikes!! This is too fustrating.