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Kurt —  February 22, 2006

No, nothing from the Lakers. And don’t expect anything either.

But how about the news from out East — Stephon Marbury and Steve Francis are teammates.

Francis needs the ball, he is shooting just 38% (eFG%) on jumpshots this year but 51.8% when he penetrates and gets in close. Marbury needs the ball and gets in close even more often (45% of his shots are in close, amazing for a point guard) and shoots 49.6% when he gets in there. At least Marbury’s jump shot is better (43.8%).

And you wondered a few days ago how Francis and Kobe would get along…

Nice move by the rebuilding Orlando to free up some cap space and get former UCLA Bruin Trevor Ariza in the deal. Ariza is not an answer unto himself, but he’s a solid young player.

Update: Trade deadline, shmade deadline. What I keep thinking about is Ron Artest covering Kobe tomorrow night. That will be fun.

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  1. over at RealGM, they are saying the Lakers are agressively trying to bring KG over… and of course the cost would be LO and Bynum, I’ll miss young Andrew, but the idea of seeing KG and KB side by side…well we all know what that could mean.
    Another site, Hoopsworld I think, has Jamal Crawford coming over, and if that’s all the moves we make, at least it’s an upgrade at PG, and I think that can help too.
    we’ll all find out soon, eh? what’s the deadline, …noon, (Pacific?) …3PM, (eastern)?
    I’m just happy to hear mgt is at least trying to improve this team, it would be a real shame to let Kobe’s prime come and go without any title shots.


  2. The deadline is noon, but today of all days take everything you read with a grain of salt. Minn is not going to trade KG under the pressure of the trade deadline, if ever. Jamal Crawford is signed for five more years after this one at $7+ a year, way overpriced and way out of line with the “save cap space” direction of this team.


  3. My fondest memory of Trevor Ariza was having him dunk on me in a High School game…sigh


  4. yeah…you’re right … nothin’ … nada …zip …
    no deals, but really, did we honestly think there was going to be one anyway?
    let’s see if Phil keeps the second half of the season tradition alive with this team, and hope the team gels the further we get into it, so that in the last few weeks, we are playing the best ball of the season, and still have a payoff slot. (hopefully 6th, but at this point, any spot will have to do).