Trade Talk

Kurt —  February 22, 2006

No, nothing from the Lakers. And don’t expect anything either.

But how about the news from out East — Stephon Marbury and Steve Francis are teammates.

Francis needs the ball, he is shooting just 38% (eFG%) on jumpshots this year but 51.8% when he penetrates and gets in close. Marbury needs the ball and gets in close even more often (45% of his shots are in close, amazing for a point guard) and shoots 49.6% when he gets in there. At least Marbury’s jump shot is better (43.8%).

And you wondered a few days ago how Francis and Kobe would get along…

Nice move by the rebuilding Orlando to free up some cap space and get former UCLA Bruin Trevor Ariza in the deal. Ariza is not an answer unto himself, but he’s a solid young player.

Update: Trade deadline, shmade deadline. What I keep thinking about is Ron Artest covering Kobe tomorrow night. That will be fun.