Prime Ticket returns

Kurt —  February 27, 2006

Prime Ticket, the cable station that was once home to the champion Laker teams as well as the Dodgers and Kings for so many years will be back in April. Technically, it’s still FSN2, but they are rebranding it as Prime Ticket after some consumer studies that showed people remember Prime Ticket fondly and the Fox corporation, well, not so much.

All of which is good by me if they bring back those stylish 1980s graphics.



4 responses to Prime Ticket returns

  1. add in chick hearn for the game, and larry burnett for the pre-game show and were set

  2. “We’re high above the Western sideline…”

  3. Can we bring back the old Lakers jerseys too? The new ones are ok and it was a nice way to make us buy some more jerseys since we all already had the old school Shaq and Kobe jerseys but come on, you can’t beat tradition…even though I hate the Yankees I’m glad they always stuck to the Pinstripes…

  4. long as we’re dreamin’ …. can we also bring back Jerry West?