Playing Right

Gatinho —  March 11, 2006

Kurt’s in the desert, and I’m sure he will return with a story to tell about missing this one. If indeed he did.

Fourth game in five days, played the runnin’ Suns last night, got in at 3:30 AM…

“I can’t understand it’s just because it’s a back-to-back,” Manu Ginobili said. “Every team does them, and probably nobody is as bad as us. One guy can be tired. Two, maybe. But the whole team didn’t play well today.”

“A lot of guys didn’t play a lot of minutes last night, so just give L.A. credit,” Bowen said. “They kicked our tails.”

“The Spurs are a strong team, with a deep bench,” Phil Jackson said, ” so this is still a good win for us and probably tough for them to digest.” Only Bowen played more than 30 minutes in the Suns win, and Steve Nash played zero.

11 offensive rebounds, Lamar Odom with a 27 eff. rating, 18 assists to 8 turnovers. No turnovers for Kwame, who added 10 and helped hold Duncan to 12 points and 4 rebounds. No Devean George and a sub par 3 and half quarters from employee #8. (Behind the backboard? The English on that lay up?)

So, go ahead, get a little giddy. It’s okay.