On Tap: Seattle SuperSonics

Gatinho —  March 12, 2006

Record: 24-38
PF: 101.4
PA: 105.9
Road: 9-22
Last 10: 4-6
What Vegas says: Lakers -8

Seattle will be trying to win consecutive games for the first time since January 22-25.

Smush Parker headband watch: This could be a new stat. If it stays on, like it did in San Antonio, the Lakers win. Parker’s headband actually stayed in place all night when it usually gets discarded whenever his first fit of frustration comes.

Dear Editor: Ever wonder what the criteria is for getting a letter published in Sports section of the Times? I’m guessing a mild case of dementia qualifies you.

Road Dogs: Seeing Lamar and Kobe both hold up their USA jerseys the other night makes one realize that these two will be spending a lot of time playing together over the duration of their 3 year commitment to Team USA, and that can only be a good thing.

Queen for a day: The surging Kings have won 3 in a row and have reached the long awaited .500 mark. Their stay there could be short after hosting Dallas tonight. Fire up the League Pass, that could be a good one. Ron Artest had 19 in the fourth quarter in their win over Memphis.

Five man Tai Chi: Parker has taken to pausing after each timeout, trying to center himself the way Jackson has become famous (and mocked) for. Parker was particularly diligent about it Friday night, stopping at the scorer’s table at the end of each break, putting two fists down to support his body, taking one deep breath to clear his mind. “It’s getting my mind right for what I have to do on the court,” he said.




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  1. Do you have a link to a picture of Lamar and Kobe holding their jerseys?


  2. doesntreallymatter March 12, 2006 at 10:37 pm

    That was a painful experience. It was almost exactly like the Hawks game we lost at Staples.

    Sometimes I wonder just what the hell is going throught the Lakers collective head’s. If they could just play at 75% of what they were like against the Spurs we would probably be the 6th seed.


  3. the only quote i see of phil’s post-game was him saying the reason the lakers lost was because they couldn’t overcome the bad shooting night by kobe.

    really? 113 points of offense is a team struggling on that end of the floor? couldn’t be lettin the other team shoot almost 60 percent from the field?

    oh well, their goose is officially cooked with mihm’s severe sprain and all. maybe it’ll be good for kwame in the long run, who knows. also could get the rest of the team focused for the little games now…please jesus?


  4. Thanks for that link.

    Game was painful to watch. Hopefully Mihm will be healthy come playoff time. We need to get that 6th spot. We can have success against Denver if we can play them.


  5. I know he saves our ass plenty of times but I’d like to see Kobe actually provide an example to all these kids we have on our team..stop complaining to the ref’s after every turnover or missed layup…actually run back on D instead of expecting the ref’s to stop the game and put time back on the clock to have a re-do on the last play…maybe drive a few times to set up the big 3…

    That 30 foot 3 he shoots can be the most demoralizing shot to the collective psyche of an NBA team but unless he sets it up with a few drives to the basket and some nice mid range j’s its just some bad hoisting

    Consistently inconsistent…


  6. Bad defense. Definitely. But I think that had to do, ironically, with the fact that they weren’t running the triangle. They don’t run the triangle properly and teams can double and triple Kobe because the spacing is off. The other players, Odom in particular, can score in a more loosy goosy offense. But that style of play leads to long rebounds and transition opportunities for the other team.


  7. chris henderson March 13, 2006 at 9:59 am

    anybody know why Kobe gave that elbow to Sasha during a time out?
    he was obviously ticked at the refs for the entire game, and he made the rookie (Smush) mistake of stopping on a play to glare at the refs occasionally, thus leaving his team shorthanded on the other end…
    but I couldn’t really see why Sasha, unless they felt Watson was tearin’ him up, but he was tearin the whole team up, actually there were too many alley-oops, and lay-ups for Seattle, so our bigs were not covering their bigs or just not paying attention.


  8. Still giddy?

    I wouldn’t worry about Mihm. I bet he was tired of Wilcox dunking right over him and he thought it was more honorable to fake an injury than be posterized YET AGAIN.

    Joe’s update: We opened it up on Sunday and at about 10:30 a couple greared up Laker fans entered drank a beer and left at 11:15, I assumed on the way to the game. Pickled eggs was probably the highlight of their day.