My Bracket Is A Disaster

Kurt —  March 16, 2006

I’m posting this before the first game of the NCAA tournament, but that headline should be accurate within 24-48 hours.

Just for the record, I have a Final Four of Texas, Kansas, UConn and Villanova. (Yes, I have Texas beating Duke. Yes, I know Duke beat them by 31 this year.) I have Texas taking it all, becoming the first school to win the NCAA football and basketball title in the same year.

As for first round upsets, I’ve got San Diego State over Indiana and Winthrop knocking off Tennessee.

Who have you got?

to My Bracket Is A Disaster

  1. Okay, that’s kinda eerie. I have Texas beating UConn and SDSU as the big upset in the first round. I think that game is in SD and that is my alma mater…

    Showing that I don’t know much about college hoops and knowing that there are always surprises, my Final 4 is rounded out by UCLA and Georgetown.


  2. I’ve got Kansas, Duke, Uconn, and BC in my final four. I wanted to pick Tennessee to lose so bad, but didn’t. I have GW going out in the first, along with Kentucky.


  3. Ive got UCLA, UCONN, Duke and Arizona (I know I’m crazy, but I love Lute Olson, and the ability they have to score). I’ve UCONN over UCLA in the finals, UCONN has the best pg, sf, and front-line in the country

    upsets, Ive got, Kent St. over Pitt (always overrated)


  4. Pitt, coached by the San Fernando Valley’s own, former Notre Dame High School standout Jamie Dixon? Nothing from the Valley is ever overrated!


  5. I loive the valley (thats why i can smile when arenas torches the league), but i have no love for 9th year senior karl krauser and his crew of 45-50 pt flunkies, although I would not mind a Pitt-UCLA matchup for old-times sake.


  6. Didn’t Texas also just win College Baseball’s Championship, albeit not in the same year (2006)?

    Let’s not have them such a powerhouse.

    Maybe next year, we can have USC win football again, UCLA winning baseball and basketball, and perhaps LMU cheering wildly on the sidlines once again (or they can always try to win soccer).


  7. Bruins looked great, but Bama makes me nervous


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