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Kurt —  April 13, 2006

Consider this my attempt at being AOL — so much great hoops stuff on the Web, let me choose what you should read. Starting with something from FB&G’s comments (I can’t really say often enough just how smart and witty the commenters here are, it makes this site 10 times better):

WorthyTomahawk posted this prior to the Golden State win, but facts and analysis remain pertinent:

The Lakers defense seems to be really clicking that last 10 games. My periodic crunching of doug’s stats shows…

– FTAs given up down to 18.5, best in league (league avg 26.5)
– Turnover differential -1.5
– Steal differential +1.5
– TS% differential 3.5%

Only thing down for Lakers is the OR% differential, but that probably goes hand in hand with improved shooting.

If the Lakers could stay this defensively consistent going into next year then I would call this season a big success. We can always add offense with a trade or MLE, but defense is a team effort.

• If you want take a quick spin around the NBA, the latest Carnival of the NBA blogs is up, and J.E. Skeets at The Basketball Jones not only did it well but also had to do it twice.

• Kelly Dwyer is one of the few national basketball columnists I’m sure to read everything from — including his grades for all the NBA announcing teams. I think those of you with the League Pass will really appreciate this.

By the way, he gives the Joel Meyers/Stu Lantz combo an “A-“ and that sounds about right. They are good together, not Chick, but good. However, to my untrained ear I still don’t see (or hear) how they are better than the Sunderland/Lantz combo, or why Sundy was canned.

• You should be reading True Hoop everyday anyway, but in case you missed yesterday, check it out as Henry actually suits up with an And1 style streetball team, bringing his Bobby Jones-like game with him, and comes away with a great experince and stories.

As we enter the gym, a man who later proved to be a hilarious PA announcer calls out to the group:
“Clay Johnson? Which one of you is Clay Johnson?”
“Hey, how are you doing,” says Clay, mild-mannered and approachable as ever.
“I am a HUGE L.A. Lakers fan. Like the biggest ever, from way back, and… I don’t remember you. Did you really play for the Lakers?”
Clay extends his hand, showing his championship ring. “How about that?”
“Yeah, but you could have bought that on Ebay.”
“Not with my name engraved on it…”

• Speaking of things we saw on True Hoop: Steve Nash isn’t concerned about how many points Kobe scores against the Suns. And he’s right, as long as the Suns win why would he?

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  1. I do enjoy vets like Jim Durham and K Calabro,
    who did a tour of duty like the Jefferson Pilot Mizlou
    Orpheum hinterlands circuit and got chops.

    I’ll give him B Walton, for the game always needs
    some florid personality, but there is a point past which
    I must protect my dental work, so I turn the sound down
    on ABC coverage on Lakers’ games.

    On NBC I was frequently afraid of Steve Jones
    giving BW a roundhouse clap to the jowls during
    a commercial break.

    Like you, Kurt, I’ve come to peace with Joel and Stu
    but I really liked Sundy, and I would have rather seen
    him teamed with Thompson radioside than bumped
    entirely. Spiro’s okay… I keep noticing his well worn phrases and a repetitive vocal pattern which many times
    does not show distinction from one play to another;
    most every made basket is called with the similar tone
    regardless of who the player is.

    I appreciate Lawler but I can’t listen to him for long either.
    Matt Pinto, on the other hand ( who sounds very similar
    to Matt “Money” Smith by the wee ) is not bad, and he calls
    the games alone. Drop that “money ball” cliche, though.

    I enjoyed the PrimeTicket courtside telecast
    although sometimes I found myseif craning
    from the low angle, which seemed to be
    from a lower perspective than one would actually see
    from a courtside seat, but it also shows how accustomed
    I am to the overhead view.

    I don’t encourage it too much as I fear the desire
    of entertainment corporations to get rid of as much
    on camera talent as they can, and turn performers
    into computer generated images.

    Hadn’t noticed until this game
    the Mikan patch on the Lakers warm-ups.
    The tilted glasses perched on the number 99
    is a sweet touch.

    – 5 –


  2. Dwyer is one of the few writers who can you almost guarantee will make you laugh out loud at least once every piece. That break down was on the money and hilarious. The Laker fan in me will have to disagree with him a little about Tommy Heihnsohn. I will never get over CBS letting him broadcast those great ’80’s playoff games. Not his fault I know, but we would imitate him as kids by using his ridiculous quote, “Byron Scott is a great guard, but he’s no Danny Ainge!”

    I’m glad that the courtside telecast came off well, i was imagining another experiment along the lines of the Shaunie O’Neal and Jeanie Buss livingroom broadcast…

    Did anyone else catch the Phil Jackson “In His own Words” show? The break down of the triangle expanded my basic knowledge of it and Tex is a riot. I watched it twice. My brother and I were laughing at the fact that they showed Sasha and Smush making the good “moment of truth” passes and showed D George screwing it up.


  3. notreallyimportant April 13, 2006 at 11:02 pm

    Too much free time.


  4. as time goes on i can’t stand joel myers more and more.

    yeah, paul should not have been blamed for and paid the price for the lakers’ slide.


  5. I agree, Sutherland shoulda been kept. He’s alittle more versed. Myers is like a drone and what’s with this “in rhythm” thing he says all the time. Stu’s Stu. Too late now tho.