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Gatinho —  April 16, 2006

Laker History: Just saw that NBA TV will be airing “Searching for Redemption, The Kermit Washington Story” Sunday at 6pm. If you haven’t read John Feinstein’s “The Punch: One Night, Two Lives, and the Fight That Changed Basketball Forever “, you should. Kermit is an extremely interesting and flawed character. He was the first guy to lift weights in the NBA and was Dennis Rodman before Dennis Rodman. Oh yeah, and he almost killed Rudy T in a game in the early ’70’s at the newly built “Fabulous Forum”. Quick story from the book: During shoot around, Rudy T was looking at the new scoreboard that hovered over center court and wondered how safe it was. After “The Punch” he seriously asked the trainer if the scoreboard had fallen on him.

The Pinch Post and the Blind Pig: Watched that Phil Jackson “In His Own Words” again. This is definitely worth checking out. Tex and Phil break down the offense, and Phil awkwardly tries his hand at talking into the camera. Highlight: Tex is explaining triangle post options and says, “Now the center can pass to the cutters, unless his name is Shaquille.” Ouch. It’s re-running on Tuesday @ 11am FSPT.

Can we put this guy on our playoff roster? He’s available on the cheap.

ESPN the paper magazine: I have magazine subscriptions because I can’t take the computer into the bathroom.Coming off an astonishing article where he moves to the Dark Side and chooses Kobe for MVP, Bill Simmons has a new piece(in the ish with the Bonds bobblehead on the cover) that explains why we Angelinos are such lame fans. (Hollywood, sunshine, etc.) Actually he makes some astute observations having only lived in LA for 42 months. On the across-the-hall rivalry, “And Clipper fans regard Laker fans with the same visceral contempt townies in a remote college outpost have for the preppier students.”

Leandro Barbosa: Also in that ESPN ish is a side bar about GM’s (Isiah) and Coaches (Skiles) who were point guards as players, putting two point guards on the floor at the same time. “Barbosa once struggled as Nash’s backup. Now he lights it up playing next to him, atacking the weak side off the reigning MVP’s penetration.” Last meeting on the 7th, Leandrinho scored 22 points and was a game high +14.

Happy Jackie Robinson Day.




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  1. I know I don’t have contempt for Laker fans. I just don’t think they are very smart people in general. Mostly poor people who choose to pull for the expensive, Hollywood, shallow, bourgeoisie garbage that the Lakers represent when there is a far more affordable team for the proles with the better record for the second year in a row, the better announcers accoring to SI and the better dance squad according to NBA.com right in the same building. Its not contempt, its more like pity mixed with a lack of understanding of how someone could behave so irrationally. The Lakers are like a night club I couldn’t get into and couldn’t afford a drink anyway. The Clippers are Joe Jost’s.

    Though I do find it disrespectful of Laker fans to come to Clipper home games and act like jackasses. Which they invariably do. I don’t think that makes all Laker fans jackasses, but jackasses are represented powerfully within the Laker family.


  2. For the record, if you’ll check the timestamp you’ll see I posted that before the little “We want tacos” incident. I was listening on the radio. Classy. Did ABC manage to pick it up? A nation-wide audience got to hear LA represent with We want tacos. Thanks Laker fan.


  3. notreallyimportant April 17, 2006 at 2:26 am

    Yeah, but the Clippers?


  4. Sounds like if you get a laptop, you won’t need magazine subscriptions any more 😉

    One comment regarding the Lake show in the playoffs this year. This team as of late, unlike many from years past, hasn’t seemed to struggle as much with turning on the elusive switch. The switch reperesenting an inherently good team “choosing” to play the way they should. Their struggle has more been that occasionally they just aren’t that good, and other teams are just plain better. That’s been an odd transition for Laker fans, and obviously for players, coaches, and management. I know that in all likelihood, if the Suns play at the top of their game, and the Lakers play at the top of theirs, it would be an awesome series with the Suns moving on.

    The role of the triangle offense will be to ensure that the Suns don’t have that chance. Every player, especially the ones without the ball, must make the defense react. When the defense becomes reactionary, then the triangle offense can sense its moment-to-moment weakness and attack accordingly. The triangle offense itself, if all the players are moving cleanly without wasted motion, will create the imbalance needed to have the opportunities to score. That very same imbalance will make it that much harder for the Suns critical transition game to be in effect. Without their transition game, and of course Amare, the Suns will be beatable.

    True, I am a Laker fan, not an unbiased observer, but I can envision this series swinging our way.


  5. Why not get a free agent this year even if it puts the Lakers over the cap. Brian Grant’s contract doesn’t run out for a year, yes. But with Kobe in his prime. Wouldn’t it be worth paying a penalty for one year to make this team a contender?


  6. chris henderson April 17, 2006 at 9:29 am

    John R…it’s all about tradition, baby…just look at the banners hanging on the walls.
    the NBA was near death before Magic and Bird came into the league, so then you’ve got one of the greatest rivalries in all sports, for about a decade, add to that CHICK HEARN, the Hollywood vs the “working class hero’s” of Boston, bring in the Detroit Bad Boys for spice…and you’ve got one of the best times ever for a basketball fan…
    now remind me please…what were the clippers doing during the 80’s?
    I do have one complaint about the Laker fans, and I wrote about this a few days ago, they are too damn passive, maybe too cool, not sure, late comers for sure, but “jackass’s?” not so sure about that one…compared to most crowds, we are just not supportive enough of our team, I think a great crowd acts as a 6th man, and in that dept, we are no wherre near the top.


  7. Wow Chris, nothing more irrational than talking about the past. As they say in financial reports, past results are no indication of future performance. You proved my point brilliantly.

    West is gone. Chick is dead. The 80’s are a generation gone. Live in the now.

    As for jackasses, yeah jackasses. I couldn’t have underlined it better than “we want tacos”. A fine bit of asshatery, that.

    Also, whats with the obnoxious organ? Don’t Laker fans even know when to taunt an airball without being prompted?


  8. Right on, Chris! And not only the tradition of the 80’s, but the incredibly fun team of the mid/late 90’s, with Nick VanExel, Eddie Jones, and later Shaq and a new kid named Kobe. Those playoff rivalries with Utah, although they always got the best of us, we’re incredible. Then PJ showed up and we got three rings.

    What were the Clippers doing then? Oh, nothing except being the laughing stock of the NBA. And now, because they have had modest success for a couple years we should all embrace them and shun the Lakers? Ridiculous….


  9. I didn’t say anyone had to shun the Lakers, I just said I don’t have contempt for Laker fans. I also stated this is because of what would appear to be their total irrationality which you fine folks, and the We Want Tacos crowd, have backed up nicely. Reading comprehension much?

    Also, I have to ask…it never bothers you inside that your star player, a man you must openly cheer for when you pull for the Lakers, just might have raped a woman and gotten away with it? This never crosses your mind? Not even a little? I wonder if sexual assault is a new Laker tradition for a new millinium?

    I just prefer to live in the now and back good guys and good citizens like Elton Brand.


  10. chris henderson April 17, 2006 at 12:51 pm

    John R, if you’re living in the “Now”, then why bring up “past” (and admitted mistake) of Kobe’s alledeged rape? And you seem so sure that he was guilty…do you know something that members of Colorado’s Law Enforcement don’t know? Unless you personally know the girl, and can say for a fact that her story was 100% true, then maybe you shouldn’t say anything at all.
    Stay in the “Now” as you so proudly boast.
    and what does “wanting a taco”, or more importantly, having a full arena cheering for our team to hold the opponents to under 90 points, (a good basketball goal in ANY arena) equate to being an “asshole”?
    John, I am living in the “now” in my opinion. I am a fan of the Lakers because I started watching the NBA when Magic came into the league, I enjoyed the team, the Laker experience which included both Jerry West’s GM skills, and ol’ Golden throat, Chick Hearn, and “the Fabulous Forum”..and the Laker Girls, and Jack Nicholson. (especially when he went to Boston Garden during the playoffs)…all these are great memories, and reason why I’m still a fan even during rebuilding years, and yes, Mitch isn’t Jerry West, nor will any announcer ever hold a candle to, or be a pimple on the bitt of Mr. Chick Hearn, and I’m a fan because of this history, and TRADITION, I have faith that our team will come back, during Kobe’s years, and win some more championships. That is not unrealistic, that is part of a team who has winning as part of it’s tradition, that is living in the Now buddy.
    Granted the clips are having a great year, I’m happy for them, but if you look at their history, at one point, they were famous for having had at one time, all these great players who demanded to be traded, come on man, you can’t honestly think that the Clippers have a tradition of being a winning franchise??! Enjoy your team, this season, I wish you well, if the Lakers get beat, I’ll root for the Clippers, but not as long as the Lakers are in it.


  11. I personally am hoping for “The Battle of Los Angeles” in the 2nd round of the playoffs…


  12. hey John R,
    I think you are lonely and sad person who loves getting attention, like you are doing right here, and even that makes you dislike yourself even more. If you dislike lakers fans so much, why do you even bother to write in this forum?
    I am assuming that you are having a hard time with your personal life, something like your girlfriend or wife just left you for another guy, which I do not care. (or you’re unhappy at your job). But I do care about people exchanging their sound opinions on Lakers, or people at the Staple Center cheering for Lakers. So, please don’t come back here and deal with your life.