Good for two

Kurt —  April 21, 2006

Thanks for the warm wishes everyone, our newest baby daughter was born at 11:32 Thursday morning and was healthy. Mom and baby are doing well, as am I, or as well as can be expected without much sleep. But I should get used to that. Again.

As was mentioned in the comments, I still did The Basketball Jones podcast previewing the Western Conference playoffs. I’ve downloaded it and will be listening in soon, should be interesting stuff. I think I had some good points, but as tends to be the case came up with my best thoughts and phrasings about an hour later. I’ll blame it on being up 20 straight hours at the time of the interview. Check it out.

I’ll put up a preview post later today, hopefully.

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  1. Congrats Kurt!


  2. Kudos Kurt, here’s hoping the baby’s name was either Kobe or Smush.. (I think Kobe could be one of those unisex names like Joey or Alex in the future)


  3. Congrats, man. With two daughters, I see many a tea party in your future.

    And you were great on TBJ, especially considering the circumstances. Your quip about your first kid and the Pistons-Lakers in 2004 made me laugh out loud.


  4. Congrats dude 😉


  5. Kurt:

    As we say in my country, Mazel Tov.

    Best wishes to Mrs. ForumBlueandGold and best of health to all.



  6. Great job guys…


  7. Congratulations Kurt, I have a 2-yr old daughter myself. Hoping the next one would bear Kobe’s name though… 🙂


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