Open Thread — Game 2

Kurt —  April 26, 2006

Trying something new to this blog, although I bet most of you are familiar with the concept. During tonight’s game, I (and hopefully some of you) will be watching and logging in with comments. (For the record, I had wanted to do some liveblogging during the playoffs, but the changes in my home make that basically impossible. I think this should work well.)

Here’s a few quick thoughts to get us started, and be sure to come back at 7:30 (or whenever TNT allows the game to start, we may have to wait half and hour while Barkley blathers):

• Apparently Steve Nash is the MVP. Kobe comes out motivated every game anyway, but did the Suns really want to see fuel added to that fire?

• No prediction for tonight’s game save this — the key number is 94. That’s my guess for the over/under on possessions in the game (for the record, the Suns averaged 98.4 for the season but had just 88 in game one). If it stays under 94, the Lakers win, over 94 and it’s the Suns. They will push the tempo, the Lakers must be diciplined and still post up everyone — Kwame, Lamar, Walton, Kobe and even Smush if Nash is on him. Getting the ball inside slows down the Suns.