Things I don’t get

Kurt —  May 8, 2006

Who are these people coming out of the woodwork to complain that Kobe didn’t single-handedly beat the Suns in game seven? The suggestions that he “gave up” border on idiocy.

Remember the Laker wins in the series? How did those happen? Kobe shared the ball, Kwame and Odom posted up well, Smush and Walton were hitting their looks and Kobe could pick his spots. Spots like the end of game four. Remember how you mainstream media guys were all were praising Kobe for that?

Now, let’s look at game six, when Kobe did put up big numbers and the Lakers could not beat the Suns despite the Suns not having their best defender. The other Lakers fell short and Kobe could only carry them so far. The lessons were pretty clear — Kobe can’t single handedly win a series and bet the Suns.

Now we get to game seven and Kwame is 2 of 8, the Laker front line is 13 of 37 from the floor. The Suns were not going to let Kobe beat them, but the sacrifice they made for that was to give Kwame, Smush, Walton and others some good looks. They didn’t step up. Kobe and Phil are smart enough to know that Kobe was not going to get the chance to put up 81 — the other guys had to do it and they couldn’t.

If you are laying that game 7 loss at Kobe’s feet alone then you 1) were just looking to blast Kobe; 2) are a sports-talk-radio guy (or wanna be) trying to fill the phone lines; 3) just don’t know basketball. Take your pick.