Notes at 3 am

Kurt —  May 10, 2006

• My late-night television watching while up with the baby this week — The Sopranos and Sports Night DVDs. If you didn’t catch Sports Night (from Aaron Sorkin, the guy who wrote West Wing for television and A Few Good Men the movie) do yourself a favor and rend the DVD’s, this was a creative and funny show that never got the recognition it deserved. (That’s all the TV talk, I’m no Jon and this isn’t Dodger Thoughts.)

• We’ve talked about this before, that the current Lakers, with Phil as the coach, are and should be modeled after the 91-93 Chicago Bulls. Kobe as Jordan, Odom as Pippen are the obvious calls. So what about Kwame as Cartwright? The bigger problem is finding a Horrace Grant. Also, we need a BJ Armstrong/Paxon at the point.

• Friend of this site Broken Cowboy has a good look at Kobe, both the myth and reality, in a new column on his site. I like his use of mythical comparisons because I’ve always though that Kobe is a classic Greek mythological character in the sense that his greatest streghth — his force of will and determination — can also be his downfall.

• The blog that has consistently done the best writing on Kobe, and much of the NBA this season, is FreeDarko, who also talked recently about the game seven questions.

• Apparently the entire Canadian national tourism budget has been blown on ads to run during the NBA playoffs. They’re not bad, but there’s a beach volleyball scene — is that really the best sport to promote Canada with? That long beach volleyball season they have?

• My thought about the firing of Rick Adelman: That’s fine, but who are you going to get that’s better? Adelman is no slouch, and to fire a quality coach and then go looking to see if anyone better is out there could backfire. Tom over at SactownRoyalty is all over the changes coming to the team up north.

• In a discussion I was having in the comments at Blog-A-Bull (about the idea of getting Chris Duhon), one fan suggested Darius Songaila might be a good fit in the triangle — a four who can shoot from the outside. Not much of a rebounder, but he stikes me as a decent fit, the question is the cost.

• The Clippers are more athletic than the Lakers, they can play at a faster pace and still hang with the Suns. But the Suns had 97 possessions in the last game (using the Hollinger estimation), which was too fast for LA. Plus, as the Lakers found, pace is irrelevant if you can’t defend in the half court.

• And part of stopping the Suns in the half court is defending the three ball, which the Clippers found challenging and Clipper Blog detailed.

• I expect a better showing tonight from the Clippers — maybe not Dallas in game two improved, but improved none the less. The question Dunleavy has to figure out is does he want to go small. Chris Kaman was -25 in game one and got torched by the swingmen who play center for the Suns. If the pace is up, if the Clippers aren’t going to pound the ball inside, then Kamen is a liablilty in this series. More Maggette, less Kaman.

• Great breakdown of the Clippers/Suns series has been done by Kevin Pelton over at

• The Seeger Sessions, the latest Bruce Sprinsteen release, is brilliant.