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Kurt —  May 11, 2006

A few links to pass along while I keep wondering why the Lakers didn’t foul someone with seconds left in game six, or at least let them have the uncontested two pointer:

• Want a detailed look at Kobe and Raja Bell in game 7, well, Kevin Pelton gives us a good one over at

What did I learn from watching the game in detail? Well, the first thing is that the match up between Bell and Bryant in Game 7 was more physical than I thought. Watching the game live as a fan, I only made note of the two plays which ended in Bryant offensive fouls and actually thought the match up was fairly mundane. There was much more going on away from the ball than was evident from the TNT broadcast.

The other clear point was that most contact was initiated by Bell. This is a natural product of the two players’ contrasting defensive roles. Bell rarely turned his attention from Bryant, frequently faceguarding him and ignoring the basketball. Bryant, meanwhile, had more of a read and react role on defense, rarely playing within five feet of Bell, who was typically spotting up in the corner.

• Update: Kobe has been named to the NBA’s first team all-defensive team.

• Kevin at Clipper Blog is brilliant, and has a great breakdown of the Clips dominating win last night. And, for those of us talking about what Kaman can and can’t do in the comments before, there is great stuff in here:

Look, Kaman is going to struggle defensively at times when the Suns space the floor – he’s a big guy who makes his living on both ends below the foul line. He can’t run with Diaw and gets in trouble when Thomas draws him out. But those are just the realities of this series. So you return to the Great Law of Basketball Reciprocity:

It’s impossible for Team A to have a matchup advantage without surrendering a similar advantage on the other end to Team B. If the Clips don’t use Kaman to abuse Phoenix inside in some form or fashion, then there’s really no reason for him to be on the floor. Tonight, they put Kaman to work, and it paid off.

• Just wanted to point you go a new blog worth checking out, called The Outside Score. He’s based here in LA so there have been plenty of Laker opinions, but it’s a general sports blog and doing good work.

• The Cavalier, who is the driving NBA force over a, is putting together a movie called Who Shot Mamba and could use a little support.