A few weekend notes

Kurt —  June 23, 2006

Just clearing out the inbox a little.

• I’ll make it more formal next week, but we’ll be doing a draft open thread here next Wednesday, paving the way for comments (and a little live blogging). The draft starts at 4:30 but it will be more like 6:45 or so by the time the Lakers pick.

• The Laker summer league roster for Long Beach is starting to take shape, with Andrew Bynum, Von Wafer and Devin Green all on the team for the second year in a row. Of course, there will be the two draft picks. Some of the other guys signed are former Duke player Nick Horvath, Kasib Powell, Nile Murry, and former Santa Clara star Doron Perkins. (That comes from the LA Times Lakerblog interview with Ronnie Lester, both parts of which are worth reading.)

Wafer and Green do not have guaranteed deals for next year, so they will be playing for a contract. That means we can expect Wafer to shoot a lot, although what he may need to do more is show he has learned to play within the triangle.

The only disappointment is the Turiaf will not be there, he is playing with the French national team this summer.

• I will be at as much of the Summer League as I can, providing thoughts and breakdowns on the Lakers and other goings on.

• Pounding the Rock has got the early line for you conspiracy theorists out there — now that Michael Jordan is part owner in Charlotte, do they win the lottery next year to get Greg Oden?

• Phil Jackson went on the Dan Patrick radio show Wednesday and said a few interesting things. Among them was a strategy for taking advantage of a Wade or Kobe in the current NBA climate: “Give him the middle of the floor. It used to that be the isolation came on the wing or the sideline. But with illegal defenses not being called, so zones are available, the top of the floor seems the best place for players, and also it isolates them in a way in which officials can read then call the foul or the contact.”

• Tex Winter has a book coming out soon. Hoopshype has an excerpt that shows you a little of how Tex came to be Tex, and come up with that offense.

• Hoopsanalyst continues its great breakdowns of different positions in the draft, with shooting guards next. In that group is Shannon Brown, someone the Lakers may end up with at 26.

• Isaiah Thomas coaching the Knicks is a bad idea long term, but I bet they are better and more exciting to watch next season. Thomas, for his many flaws, seems to coach an up-tempo game (the last two years in Indiana the Pacers were in the top 10 in the league in pace). That better suits the Marbury/Francis/Robinson back court plus guys like Frye. They are not likely making the playoffs, but Thomas style will be a better fit than Larry Brown’s.

• Adam Sandler has a new movie “Click,” about a remote that can control the speed of time. Didn’t the Twilight Zone basically do this 40 years ago?