Just a few more thoughts

Kurt —  July 7, 2006

UPDATE: I just got back from the Summer Pro League kickoff press conference where little happened, but there is this quote from Mitch Kupchak:

“We hope to add a player in the next week or so in our backcourt, and it won’t be a young player.”

He emphasized something similar later. Also, in regards to J.R. Pinnock, Mitch called him potentially a poor man’s Byron Scott (not in those words), but said he will have a hard time cracking the already full Laker roster.


Some more news and notes as we wait for Summer League to tip off…

• It’s not a perfect system, but one great thing about the NBA’s deal with the union is the rookie pay structure — no holdouts, no huge deals just because you got drafted. If you’re LeBron or Wade or Bosh you will get paid because you earned it, but there are no Ryan Leaf deals that cap strap a team because of a rookie deal.

I thought of that when I saw the Lakers inked Jordan Farmar — he’s guaranteed $1.9 million total for the next two seasons, then the Lakers have a one-year option at $1.1 million for 08-09 and then another one year for $1.9 million for 09-10. If he performs, he’ll get paid after that. (Not that $1.9 mil isn’t getting paid by my standards.)

• By the way, it’s funny when the Lakers put in the official press release on the Farmar signing that “Per team policy, terms of the agreement were not released.” This is a rookie deal with the amounts basically dictated by the Collective Bargaining Agreement. There are no secrets, why not just put the numbers in the release? Plus, the numbers get made public as the season wears on for all deals. There are things in the world worth keeping secret, but when you try to keep everything secret you look like you’re hiding something. (That’s all the basketball talk with political overtones here for today.)

• Really, there can’t be enough good Laker voices and blogs out there, so it’s good to see a new one with a great name out there — The Jello is Jiggling.

• By the way, you all know Roland Lazenby has a blog, right? Great stuff from maybe the best Laker writer, including details on what seemed obvious if you watched Phil Jackson on the bench this season — his hip is bothering him.

• I guess I’m rooting for France Sunday. My reasoning is this — the Italians play such a defensive, often dull, brand of soccer. I’d rather have the guys with the great midfielder and striker win, not the great goaltender. But what I really want is a great match.

• With the signing of Radmanovic, the odds of Cook being involved in any trades went up.