Kobe Undergoes Knee Surgery

Kurt —  July 15, 2006

Can there really be “minor knee surgery” on the lynchpin of your franchise?

Kobe underwent surgery on his right knee that was described this way in the Press Enterprise:

…a “minor treatment” of a cartilage and removal of scar tissue.

This is pretty routine stuff these days, and Kobe should be ready to go at the start of Laker training camp, although he may come along slowly through it. That doesn’t bother me, Kobe’s the guy I’m least worried about being ready to go when it matters.

However, Kobe will not play for Team USA this summer in the World Championships in Japan. Odom has opted not to play as well, for obvious reasons. So no Lakers on the squad.

I’ve got more Summer Pro League notes, but this took priority, I’ll have those up before the weekend is out (I do have a new post up on non-Lakers at True Hoop).

to Kobe Undergoes Knee Surgery

  1. It’s too bad. I’ve been looking forward to Kobe playing against international competition for a long time.


  2. Yeah, I t would have been interestng to see how Kobe played in the FIBA version of basketball.


  3. That man needs all the rest he can get
    40+ mins a night is once again in his future


  4. am i the only one who had an uncomfortable flashback reading about kobe running off to colorado for a mid-summer knee surgery?

    i suspect not…


  5. According to the news he’s going to the practices in Vegas with the team though and more. It was on the channel 4 newscast so I’m not sure of a source beyond that.


  6. I was really looking forward to seeing how Kobe would be fit into the offense, as well as wanting to buy the jersey. :