Summer Pro League: Game Five

Kurt —  July 16, 2006

I was at the game Friday night, where the Lakers faced off against the Washington Wizards, who just flew in from competing in the Vegas Summer League. If you want to know what I thought of the Wizards players (hint: Blatche was very impressive) head on over to True Hoop. Otherwise, let’s talk Lakers, and remember that what I put here is looking to build on previous comments about players.

Andrew Bynum: The curse is over — Bynum had a big game in my presence (which is a huge weight off my shoulders because I was afraid I’d have to stay away from Staples for a decade based on superstition). Bynum, matched up on 7-4 John Ramos, showed a variety of moves: drop steps, power moves, a short-range jumper and, most impressively, a fadaway from about seven feet that he drained two of (one baseline, one straight on). Part of it may also have been he got the cleanest entry passes to the post I had seen from the Lakers this summer. He finished with a team-high 19 points on 9 of 13 shooting, and pulled down eight boards. Another aspect of Bynum’s game, something he’s done well throughout the SPL, is pass well from the post in traffic. He’s picked up a dozen assists in five games and could have a few more. Maybe the night off did him good, but against Washington Bynum looked like a guy who could be a solid 15 minutes a night guy for the Lakers next season.

Jordan Farmar: He was clearly banged up when he missed the game four because he played with his thigh wrapped Friday. He wasn’t as sharp as we had seen, but still the offense just looked smoother when he was in. Farmar was impressive making plays in transition, particularly in the “garbage time” at the end of the game. Farmar finished with 13 points of 4 of 9 shooting (one of 2 from three) and maybe his most impressive shot (one he has shown in a couple games now) is a running floater in the lane, similar to the shot Tony Parker made a living on this past season. Defensively he was not as sharp, struggling to stay in front of quick former Clemson player Will Solomon, but that may have been impacted by the thigh injury.

Danilo (J.R.) Pinnock: Another solid, impressive performance at both ends of the floor. He plays good man defense on guys both a little smaller and quicker and a little bigger (he is strong). Pinnock also went 6 of 7 from the floor and finished with 13 points. Each time I see him the more I think I want to see him make the team come fall.

Two other guys worth mentioning for their performance of late are Doron Perkins and Kasib Powell. Perkins has been playing at a level at or equal to Pinnock the last couple games, both defensively (he had four steals against Washington) and on offense — in the last two games he is 10 of 16 from the floor, 2 of 6 from three, plus he got to the line for 11 free throws, combing it all for 33 points. Perkins has looked better and better each game. Powell got the start against Washington and was 4 of 7 from the floor and pulled down 4 boards. Both of these guys deserve invites to training camp, although with a full roster it’s hard to see where they make the team.



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  1. Is Farmar injury prone?

  2. Any word on the status of Devean George in terms of sign and trade plans?

  3. I don’t think Farmar is injury prone, he’s just a little thin and needs to hit the gym to deal with the grind of the NBA.

    And at this point I’d be shocked if tthere was a sing-and-trade with George, somone will just sign him for $2.5 mil or so.

  4. Fun article about Danilo this morning in the times. I really hope he makes the team


  5. chris henderson July 17, 2006 at 8:00 pm

    hey Kurt,
    is it true that we paid about the same for Shammond as what someone paid for Flip murray? I was always of the opinion that Flip would be a good addition to our team, but that we probably couldn’t afford him given what we had to spend…what do you think about that?

  6. Flip was about the same price, the bi-annual expemptio, save that Flip signed for two years, ($3.6 mil). I’m not sure he was a good fit for the tri, but I’m not sure Shammond is either.

  7. Eric Pincus on has an intersting article about the lakers offseason moves, it addresses the flip murray question. He agrees, that Murray may not be a very good triangle fit. Anyways, it is an interesting read.

  8. I don’t suppose you would want to link to that Pincus article?

  9. Ian, the link to that story is in the Vlade post above, or just go here:

  10. I had the thrill of watching Danilo Pinnock play three years at George Washington and let me tell you the Lakers wil be making a monumental mistake not giving this kid a chance in the league. As a season ticket holder at GW for the last decade, I was courtside at every one of Danilo’s home games during his tenure at the school. His athleticism and talent was unrivaled in the Atlantic 10 as even more touted players Mardy Collins and Steven Smith found themselves having trouble catching up to him. I had the pleasure of talking to Danilo at the GW season ticket holders banquet a month or so back and he is a great kid. He has a great head on his shoulders and would be an outstanding addition to the team. I believe that if the Lakers tap into his potentially properly, Danilo could be a fixture in the league for years to come. He is just that good.
    Mike (Arlington, VA)