Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Kurt —  July 23, 2006

The theory was to get away from the heat for a week by escaping to the mountains. Except that Big Bear had highs over 100 degrees much of last week. We’re going anyway. The family and I are off on vacation, but I leave you in the very capable hands of Gatinho, who has a few interesting things planned.

I’ll be back next week. By then I’m sure the Lakers will have plans in place to trade for Kevin Garnett and Allen Iverson and LeBron James.



9 responses to Vacation All I Ever Wanted

  1. well at least the angels have something exciting going on, not that I’m all that involved, but i guess they’ve got a picther on a roll, won 7(?) in a row…I guess that is worth watching, anybody know when he pitches next?
    man, I hate this time of year, no b’ball news, only baseball to follow, come on Lakers, make some news!
    sign someone! start some rumors!
    do something!!!!

  2. did anyone read the excerpt from roland lazenby’s book about Phillip. Some pretty dark stuff done by the Zen Master, but I guess Im not too surprised, he used a lot of the same conquer and divide, mind-game, manipulation tactics on the bling-bling dynasty.

  3. Jered Weaver’s pitching this Saturday at FENWAY on National TV .

  4. thanks! jeremy.
    I’ll be there with my bag o’ salted in the shells and a cold beer in front of my tv…waiting for the Lakers…

  5. Gatinho, where are these cool ideas that we were promised?

  6. Here’s something more exciting than baseball – Premiership transfer season! :> Best time ever.

    There’s some good news coming out the Team USA basketball camp though, although Marion got injured which means Jamison might actually get minutes 🙁

  7. dont worry ian, gatinho has held the fort down before, and he is a walking almanc of basketball info, im looking forward to what he puts together.

  8. Thanks… it’s on its way.


    Why can’t we sign George for the Veterans minimum? He would be well worth it? Honestly, why would he want to move to Dallas anyway?