2006 USA Basketball Men’s World Championship Team Finalists Roster

Gatinho —  July 26, 2006

2006-08 USA Basketball Men’s Senior National Team
2006 USA Basketball Men’s World Championship Team Finalists Roster

Carmelo Anthony
Gilbert Arenas
Shane Battier
Chris Bosh
Bruce Bowen
Elton Brand
Kirk Hinrich
Dwight Howard
LeBron James
Antawn Jamison
Joe Johnson
Brad Miller
Chris Paul
Amare Stoudemire
Dwyane Wade

Cuts: Morrison, Ridenour and Marion (injury)

Intial reactions: Dwight Howard A little surprised as he still seems to be finding his way, even if he is about ready to take the league by storm. I love his energy and his nose for rebounding. He is by all accounts a character guy and easily coachable, and that probably was a factor.

Amare Stoudemire This selection should end a lot of discussion about his health.

Brad Miller Isn’t this guy already playing a little long in the tooth? Wonder how his employers feel about this. But he fits the international game well with his passing ability and outside shot.

Special K: Larry Brown is a respected coach, but we can see how he may not have been a good fit for the Olympic job. Coach K is treated reverentially throughout basketball. And as Laker fans know, a coach with credentials has a head start when it comes to dealing with NBA players.

Krzyzewski also revealed a few nuggets of strategy for the tournament: He doesn’t plan to have a regular starting lineup, and nobody will play all 40 minutes in any game.

FB and G’s resident prognosticator: Excerpts from Kurt’s take on Colangelo taking over for USA basketball from a year ago:

They need a full time coach.

The days the USA can just roll the ball out and win on talent alone are gone, this needs to be a team now.

This needs to be a more perimeter based and versatile team, with bigs who can play inside and out and not just a plethora of slasher guards.

Meet the new ball…: There have been some complaints coming out of summer league about the new ball that will be used this year. It has an international look, is a composite (not all leather) and is meant to be game ready out of the box (like a new pair of Jordan’s, I guess). Seems a uniform feel for all game balls was the desired end. No more advantage for home teams playing with their ball.

A long walk ruined: Chris Mihm has greatly improved his game this off-season, just maybe not the right game.

George still looking for a new jungle: Dallas has offered him a one year deal for $2 million dollars…

…He’s still exploring other options, including Phoenix, New Jersey and Cleveland.

In case you missed it: It looks as if the Lakers will spend Christmas in Miami again.