This Is Not the Classifieds, but….

Kurt —  July 31, 2006

I return from vacation 93 days before the Lakers tip off against the Suns on Halloween night and with very little news to comment on — what little Laker talk out there is not just rumors but pretty much pure speculation. So we’re reduced to talking about Chris Mihm’s golf game.

Instead, let me mention a couple of non-paying job offers.

One is for a pet side project where we (to use a vague pronoun) are looking for some people who may be interesting in doing some NBA writing — but we’re being very picky. The writers already assembled are of a high quality, not only able to string together a sentence but with a different perspective on the game and who can back up their assertations with some facts. We don’t mean you have to be Kelly Dwyer or Kevin Pelton, but you need to have some detail orientation and some skills. Also, this is not a Lakers-focus thing but people looking at the NBA as a whole. If you’re interested, send me an email.

If movies are more your gig, then Yaysports! is looking for you. They will be shooting part of their “Who Shot Mamba?” movie in Los Angeles this week and are looking for extras — you can get all the details at this link. If you go, you get the chance to meet the Inflatable Ben Wallace and have your picture taken with him. You can’t do that every day (unless you own an inflatable Ben Wallace yourself).

to This Is Not the Classifieds, but….

  1. Kurt, are the Lakers standing pat in the off-season? it seems like there done and thats unacceptable IMO. it seems like they enjoy wasting Kobes prime years which seems okay with them..


  2. Thanks for the clock Kurt.


  3. 1. I’m not sure you can say that the Lakers “stood pat” when getting Radmanovic, a player who certainly should improve the offense. They are counting on growth to improve — Odom in the triangle, Kwame in general, Smush on defense, Bynum getting older, etc…

    This was not a great draft and it was not a great class of free agents. I’m not sure there was realistically “the move” to make that turns the Lakers into instant contenders. If Phil can “grow” the team defense this Laker squad will be better than last year. Kobe is your franchise guy, the key is finding the right pieces to go around him. A few are here, shaking out the rest will take some time. But big bold roster turnover is rarely the anwer (just don’t tell Pat Riley I said that).


  4. Which is why Clippers > Lakers

    Lakers are pathetic i’m just glad there is a other LA team who cares about there team.


  5. Oh yea, the Clippers made huge strides in the free agent market this summer. They resigned a 36-year-old guy they already had and brought in the fantastic work ethic of Tim Thomas. That’s showing the fans you need to win right now and you care about them.


  6. the teams that have won the most in this summer may be Memphis, Lakers and Bobcats

    neither have given away big names and have adquired something they need a lot.

    Memphis have adquired a guy with loads of potencial like Gay providing a future scoring machine for the team plus an athletic bigman like swift for battier.

    Bobcats havent lost any important player for them but have adquired the best scorer in this draft having a young and promissing starting lineup with Felton, Morrisson, Wallace, May, Okaford

    and then the lakers, drafting the 2nd best PG in this draft, they sign a reliable shooter (needed in the triangle) and players like Odom or Bynum that we have seen them improve a lot in the Triangle within the last season.

    you are right Kurt, the clips have done almost nothing in comparison with the lakers this summer, it’s just a Thomas for Radmanovic swap, and i would prefere having Radmanovic…


  7. Well when one is already a 50-win team, there isn’t alot to necessarily do.

    And if you would rather Vlade than TT, you have some issues with your scouting ability.

    But then you called Memphis, the Lakers and the Bobcats the winners, when pretty much every expert have called the Lakers losers in the FA period, so I guess that makes sense.

    Less wins for the Lakers this year than last year. Book it.


  8. Every expert said last year the lakers wouldn’t make the playoffs, and they did and played the 7th game of the series, does it makes any sence to you?