This Is Not the Classifieds, but….

Kurt —  July 31, 2006

I return from vacation 93 days before the Lakers tip off against the Suns on Halloween night and with very little news to comment on — what little Laker talk out there is not just rumors but pretty much pure speculation. So we’re reduced to talking about Chris Mihm’s golf game.

Instead, let me mention a couple of non-paying job offers.

One is for a pet side project where we (to use a vague pronoun) are looking for some people who may be interesting in doing some NBA writing — but we’re being very picky. The writers already assembled are of a high quality, not only able to string together a sentence but with a different perspective on the game and who can back up their assertations with some facts. We don’t mean you have to be Kelly Dwyer or Kevin Pelton, but you need to have some detail orientation and some skills. Also, this is not a Lakers-focus thing but people looking at the NBA as a whole. If you’re interested, send me an email.

If movies are more your gig, then Yaysports! is looking for you. They will be shooting part of their “Who Shot Mamba?” movie in Los Angeles this week and are looking for extras — you can get all the details at this link. If you go, you get the chance to meet the Inflatable Ben Wallace and have your picture taken with him. You can’t do that every day (unless you own an inflatable Ben Wallace yourself).