Quintessential Jerry West

Kurt —  August 11, 2006

Not a lot of basketball to watch these days, so why not enjoy maybe the greatest shot in Laker history one more time — Jerry West in the 1970 NBA Finals.



6 responses to Quintessential Jerry West

  1. Nice. Amazing shot.

    Didn’t they end up losing that game? I may be wrong though, I dunno.

  2. Yes, they lost the game. And the series in game 7, the Willis Reed game.

  3. On accident I erased this comment, so here it is replaced. No name was left.

    How much greater would Mr. Logo’s legacy have been if there was a 3 point line back then?

  4. “It was a beautiful thing wasted,” West later said.

  5. That was sweet and it was all net how beautiful was that