What NBA Player Are You?

Kurt —  August 15, 2006

Here’s a fun little sumer diversion (via the always amazing Henry at True Hoop): Over at the site Rum and Monkey you can answer a few questions and, just like that, find out what NBA player you are.

I’m Jason Kidd (although I swear I have never hit my wife).



22 responses to What NBA Player Are You?

  1. im tony parker, i hate that guy. does this mean i have a shot at eva?

  2. Kurt, if you are Jason Kid, you will never receive the scrutny that Kobe did – even after hitting and pointing a gun at your wife. He is a scumbag. You, however, are doing us all a favor with this site.

  3. I said I was a small forward, but i turned out to be Tim Duncan, interesting.

  4. Ben Wallace

  5. Lamar Odom…ouch

  6. Ben Wallace – Now if only I could be that good! How about 1/3rd that good.

  7. Raja Bell…Hmm

  8. I’m Dick Bavetta– huh?!

  9. Lamar Odom…. thought i would have been Kobe..but LO is fine

  10. I kept getting Raja Bell, too. That thought scared me. Then I said I was bad at defense and I passed first rather than pass/shot, and it said I was Steve Nash.

  11. I had thought John R would be Joey Crawford

  12. I’m C Webb. Please don’t read anything into that.

  13. ak47! sweet

  14. John, are you available in a trade?

  15. After KGs comments the other day that comment is really unhelpfull Kurt, getting everyones hopes up.

  16. Former Marquette assistant Dan Panaggio will coach the D-fenders…


  17. I’m Chauncey Billups….only better looking.

  18. I’m Shane Batier and I think it strangely fits.

  19. Hey Kurt, sorry for my long absence from this blog 😉

    I’m Tim Duncan… Not bad 🙂

  20. no appologies necessary. We have an open door policy.

  21. i got Steve Nash, that fits me perfectly!