Crystal Ball Time

Kurt —  September 19, 2006

I’m pulling this out of the comments and making it its own topic because, well, it made me laugh (and has a lot of potential).

It just feels too early to start predicting who will finish where in the West and what team will make it out of the Eastern Conference. But it’s not too early to make a few fun predictions for the 2006-07 NBA season, which is just what commenter Rob did recently:

1. I will throw a projectile at the television screen at least six times. Something soft, like a pillow.

2. Not a single NBA game will be broadcast without “Euro big” being uttered.

3. A team from a city that begins with “C” will represent the East in the Finals.

4. Isaiah Thomas will be Coach of the Year.

5. The Dwyane Wade backlash will begin.

6. The Western Conference Finals will be the highest scoring since the Seventies.

7. Time Warner Cable will drop NBA TV.

8. I will eat a lot of nachos. Seriously. Like way too many.

John R. then pitched in with another good one:

The Christmas day game will feature at least 100 FTA by each side and will not end until after midnight EST. This is the reason it is no longer a double-header.

Then minutes before I posted this, Xavier came through with a long list, of which I’ll excerpt a few here:

1. On Christmas day we’re going to see fire in Shaq’s eyes when Bynum enters the court, and the same in Bynum when he’ll be again at home vs. Shaq

6. Lakers will have 2 All-star players.

7. Shaq won’t start for the East in the All-star game.

For fun, let me throw in a few:

1. Whatever marketing catchphrase the NBA beats into the ground this season, it will drive me to drink (but not as much as those borderline-blasphemous Audrey Hepburn Gap ads).

2. Despite my best efforts, my 2-year-old daughter will learn some “magical” new words during a Laker loss this season

3. Columnists/sports talk show hosts who don’t know the game will say LeBron James is overrated.

4. Don Nelson will be coach of the year. It’s his birthright.

What are your predictions?