Things to do this weekend

Kurt —  September 22, 2006

While you are reading this over the weekend I will be at a bachelor party in Palm Springs, drinking some single-malt scotch, trying to count cards through a drunken haze at an Indian casino and, um, whatever else one might do at a bachelor party.

But, here are a few things worth reading this weekend, one a serious thought about the Lakers future and one and hysterical look at the Laker past.

• Remember the Showtime ’80s Lakers did a “Just Say No” rap video. Well, what is the funniest NBA blog out there (and a smart too), The Basketball Jones, has dug it up. You need to see this, for the neon shorts if nothing else.

• Over at the LA Times Laker blog they have an interview with Andrew Bynum where you get the sense the kid is starting to figure out what it takes to be a professional. Some kids who came straight to the league out of high school got that, some didn’t. Bynum seems to be getting it, which is a good sign.

But Henry over at True Hoop has taken that talk to the next level — just how good can Bynum really be? What is his upside? It’s a good question, and frankly no one (not even Kareem) knows the answer. What I think: At the bottom end of the “how good will Bynum be” scale is a very good defensive center with a little offense. And that is something you can build around.