I’m still calling it the Pond

Kurt —  October 13, 2006

So, what did you all think of the first televised game? Here are a few notes from my late night TiVo viewing of the Laker game after a couple of martinis and dinner at Musso & Frank.

• Is it just me, or does Kurt Rambis’ hair look like Jerry Seiinfeld’s in “The Shower Head?”

• A second good shooting game from a team without Kobe. As a team they shot 57.4% eFG% (especially good considering the slow start). And against the Sonics 72.3% of the Laker baskets were assisted — which seems to confirm my observation that they are moving well without the ball.

• I love Farmar’s energy. More importantly, he may have the best lateral movement of any of the point guards defensively.

• Through two games, Radmanovic is shooting 23.3% (eFG%). He did look better when he put the ball on the floor, even if the results were not ideal.

• Luke Walton looks far more confident with his shot. He is shooting 66% through two games.

• When did Turiaf become an offensive machine?

• Brian Cook also looked good, and apparently the Lakers may sign him for beyond this season (although, beware of what agents say).

• Kwame Brown did a nice job establishing physical position against the thinner guys defending him.

• I love Luke Walton’s fade away

• If Aaron McKie is bought out, is Green ahead of Pinnock for that spot? He had some explosive plays against the Sonics, particularly that third quarter block.

• Marcus Douthit and Mamadou N’Diaye are the first cuts. No shock there. Now there are 18 left on the roster, three more cuts to go before the season.

to I’m still calling it the Pond

  1. “The Lakers have sent an offer to Mark Bartelstein, Cook’s agent, and are waiting for a reply.”



  2. I complety spaced the gmae last night (I did have it Tivo’s though) so I got home around 9PM and flipping through the channels…my TV takes about 5 seconds before the picture comes up while switching channels….but the Audio comes immediately…so…I hear this voice….and I know that voice….have known that voice…will always know that voice……seriously. To hear Stew….man I was so stoked!!!!!! Like….I just got so happy…like….my brother just came back from being away for a long time or something. Thank god basketball is here!!!!!


  3. Maybe Vlad’s sprained right hand has something to do with his poor shooting.


  4. Dan, it may. Of all the things I worry about with Vlad, his shooting is not one of them.


  5. looking forward to the phx game tonight, my first since i was out of the country this past week.
    in catching up with the sports news, I’m getting the impression we’ve got some some players with certain motivations that are really going to plus the team.
    Ronnie Turiaf is a guy with a perspective in life that very few can understand, due of course to his close call with his health, but he also reminds me of someone who came from a background where very few people have a chance like he’s having now, and I get the feeling that he will NOT take that for granted. look at how he’s attacking the game in the pre-season, this guy will become the inspirational leadership for the team this season, not unlike the Rambis, “clark Kent” days.
    Mo Evans is another who I think is going to give us a consistent “extra effort” because he’s been looking for a place to show he can deliver the goods.
    in both cases, this can only help the team.
    Lamar is coming into the season after an off season of several personal tradgedy’s, and I think he’ll use basketball to help himself heal, only time can tell, but I think he’ll come to the game with a new perspective, and play a more relaxed, instinctive type of game, and I think he has good instincts, so let’s hope this is a good, healing season for him.


  6. Kurt got a technical.


  7. And by Kurt, I would like to be clear, I am referring to Mr. Rambis.