I’m still calling it the Pond

Kurt —  October 13, 2006

So, what did you all think of the first televised game? Here are a few notes from my late night TiVo viewing of the Laker game after a couple of martinis and dinner at Musso & Frank.

• Is it just me, or does Kurt Rambis’ hair look like Jerry Seiinfeld’s in “The Shower Head?”

• A second good shooting game from a team without Kobe. As a team they shot 57.4% eFG% (especially good considering the slow start). And against the Sonics 72.3% of the Laker baskets were assisted — which seems to confirm my observation that they are moving well without the ball.

• I love Farmar’s energy. More importantly, he may have the best lateral movement of any of the point guards defensively.

• Through two games, Radmanovic is shooting 23.3% (eFG%). He did look better when he put the ball on the floor, even if the results were not ideal.

• Luke Walton looks far more confident with his shot. He is shooting 66% through two games.

• When did Turiaf become an offensive machine?

• Brian Cook also looked good, and apparently the Lakers may sign him for beyond this season (although, beware of what agents say).

• Kwame Brown did a nice job establishing physical position against the thinner guys defending him.

• I love Luke Walton’s fade away

• If Aaron McKie is bought out, is Green ahead of Pinnock for that spot? He had some explosive plays against the Sonics, particularly that third quarter block.

• Marcus Douthit and Mamadou N’Diaye are the first cuts. No shock there. Now there are 18 left on the roster, three more cuts to go before the season.