Courtside Times

Kurt —  October 23, 2006

Last year Courtside Times was my first read every day on the NBA, a favorite place for smart research and conversation about the league and its players. They also foolishly let me also do some writing. Unfortunately, after a fast start, as the writers on the site got overwhelmed by a multitude of personal things (in my case, a second child), it kind of faded away.

But it was too good an idea and site to let go, so Mike (better known as Knickerblogger) has brought it back for the new NBA season, this time with a little more focus on news and commentary. Already there are a couple of good stories – a roundtable preview of the East and a look into the question does defense win championships? – both of which have sparked some interesting debates.

You’ll also notice that a couple of regulars from here at FB&G are now part of the Courtside team, Gatinho and Rob. For that reason alone you should check it out, just to call them two-timers.