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Kurt —  October 25, 2006

Beleive it or not, there are other sites worth reading on the web. Here are a few I found this morning.

• First, the Lakers opened their afternoon practice yesterday to season ticket holders and The Association was there and gives a good report:

Sasha Vujacic is a douche! He was one of the few who didn’t give much of an effort, trailing on drills, throwing lazy passes and disputing with a few coaches. He’s making mistakes running the Triangle, even rookie Jordan Farmar was telling him where to go.

• The roundtable discussing the Pacific Division continues today over at Golden State of Mind:

(From Tom at Sactown Royalty): But I think Vlad-Rad is a big addition for the Lakers. He’s never going to challenge for an All-Star team, but he’s one more guy defenses can’t ignore. That’s what the Lakers really needed last season (besides consistency in the middle) – a dependable shooter. He makes them much better. Now, we get to find out if L.A.’s late season run was a fluke or a tell-tale sign.

• Also, for all you gamers, Laker blogger Yannis has a contest where you can win a Nintendo DS Lite. So, when the Lakers are up 50 on the Kings midseason, you can pop in Mario and be entertained.