Roster Moves

Kurt —  October 27, 2006

The Lakers have cut Von Wafer and Danilo Pinnock. Not a surprise, although I’m disappointed that Pinnock just didn’t shine in camp like I thought he could.

So, still on the roster are two guys for one spot, and who gets it says a lot about the Laker plans. On one side is hustling youngster Devin Green, on the other side is fading and injury prone Aaron McKie, who has a guaranteed $2.5 million deal for this year.

I’d been thinking it, but Eric Pincus said it well in a Hoopsworld piece:

Though the Lakers have historically been reluctant to make a mid-season trade, McKie’s salary could be useful should the Lakers find a deal. For example, if the Lakers were inclined to send out Chris Mihm in trade, the most salary they would be able to bring back would be $5.36 million. However Mihm and McKie packaged together would work for an incoming salary of $8.49 million.

Again, a deal is not likely, but Green probably won’t have a long list of NBA teams looking to sign him. Keeping McKie short term on the off-chance a deal comes together makes more sense, especially if the Lakers could then sign Green mid-season should a roster spot were to become available.

With the Lakers cap strapped and with no mid-level exception to give out this year, trades are the only way to get quality veterans. Which means keeping McKie on the roster makes sense. If Green is kept it means the Lakers may be looking to stay pat.