Final Preseason Stats

Kurt —  October 29, 2006

Regular commenter Rob L put his Excel program to work and came up with some Laker stats for the preseason and was kind enough to send along, A few of these are interesting – but again, remember this is preseason so don’t read too much into them.

First is that the Lakers picked up the pace in the preseason – they averaged 95.4 possessions per game. That is 4.8 more possessions per game compared to last season. Remember that the Lakers’ coaches talked about pushing the ball on fast breaks before camp even opened, and it looks like the players have responded. Let’s see what happens when the regular season gets going, but I like the pace.

Andrew Bynum shot the ball very well in the preseason, an eFG% of 71.1% and a true shooting percentage of 74.1% and 18.2 points per 40 minutes played. He did a good job of picking his spots and running the floor, let’s hope he can keep that up.

While Radmanovic and his injured hand struggled (30.6% eFG%), Brian Cook shot 65.22%. And, one that surprised me, Shammond Williams shot 66.7% for the preseason. Also, earlier in the preseason Smush’s numbers were way in front of Farmar’s, but not any more.

Here are the numbers:

NameeFG%TS%Pts. P40

There are more stats – the Lakers offensive rating was 102.9 (well off last season’s numbers, but what do you expect with Kobe sitting) and a defensive rating of 102.8 (much better than last season, but there were a lot of subs on the floor for opponents) All of which just goes to show you don’t want to read too much into preseason numbers.

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  1. Injuries bring opportunities, and there appear to be many who responded well. We must first applaud Curt Rambis, who clearly did a masterful job in the absence of Phil Jackson.

    Let me add some rhetoric to the interesting stats. Bynum grew–and I’m not taliking about 7′ 0″ to 7’2″. Farmar exploded beyond expectations. Turiaf showed “extra” energy this year. Walton grew up in front of our eyes, and Cook added some finesse and defense to his strong outside shooting.

    Except for Pinnock’s unfortunate wilt and Green’s “not quite,” everyone that was healthy was competitive.

    It may not mean anything, but it gave some of us a much needed glimmer of hope!


  2. I love that this team is deeper than last year. I wish it wasn’t being put to the test so early.


  3. DrRayEye,
    I agree with your statement. Has Green officially been waived? I really hope we can sign him to the D-league as I would like to see him back if we complete a 2fer trade.


  4. Through obstacle comes strength…
    ~Some old smart guy


  5. Sigh..that worked better under Kurt’s comment


  6. For the record, I put my OpenOffice spreadsheet to work. Heh, heh.