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30 Teams in 30 Days

Kurt —  October 1, 2006

All the best ideas seem like simple ones — there are so many NBA blogs now, so much quality information and different perspectives, why not band together for our own previews of the coming season? Thirty teams in 30 days — an idea to make Morgan Spurlock proud. And so NBA Blog Previews was born.

Jeff at CelticBlog came up with the idea and did the legwork, and even though I’m slow to compliment Celtics fans, he did an amazing job. Through the month of October there will be a new NBA team previewed by one of its bloggers every day. This process is starting in the East and moving West, so the Lakers will be up Oct. 28 (and it won’t just be me, the guys at Showtime and Jones on the NBA will be doing ones as well).

Much like that triple-shot of Laker previews at the end of the month, the first team up are the Celtics and there is not one, not two but three previews of the guys in green. I’ll be linking to this site a lot in the coming month, and I’m adding a special link in the sidebar, but I encourage you to check it out daily. This is some interesting stuff.