Thank You

Kurt —  November 10, 2006

Today is the two-year anniversary of Forum Blue & Gold, and I just wanted to quickly say thank you to all of you who have made this place a regular stop.

The comments that came in last night are a perfect example of why I’m proud of what this little blog has become. In case you missed it, John R. made a comment and threw in some stats about the Lakers getting favoritism from the refs. What followed was an interesting discussion, with both Derek Banducci and Rob using statistics they keep to bolster their arguments. It’s well worth the read (and maybe it’s own post next week).

It’s those comments — and many more like then from many more commenters — that make this so enjoyable for me. Smart discussions take place and I learn new things and alter my views from what I learn from the people who stop by. That’s more than I ever expected. And many new doors have been opened for me. The site has grown from that first day when I had 21 visitors (thanks Mom), now more than 230,000 have stopped by. But even with hundreds and hundreds coming by every day now, the site has retained its intimate feel (as intimate as one gets on the Web). And, most importantly, the discussion has remained sharp.

So thanks. And keep coming by, this is shaping up to be a very fun season.



7 responses to Thank You

  1. Keep up the great work. Without FB&G and others, a Wed home game vs Dallas is a lot less interesting. With FB&G et al its hard to resist League Pass.

  2. Here, here John! FB&G is a place where it is fun to talk about the games. Heck, I think the commentary here is generally more level-headed than the Times. *cough* *Simers* *cough*

  3. Congrats on having one of the most well composed, well managed sports blogs on the net. As a lifetime Laker fan, basketball blogger, and future NBA Agent, I’m very picky on where I go to get basketball information. So to say that this is one of the first places I stop every morning tells you all you need to know. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks for consistently interesting Lakers commentary.

  5. FB&G has become a regular stop on my information super highway. Keep it up!

  6. Can’t stop reading the blog… Kurt, you should be arrested for putting this thing out… I’m not the only addict to FB&G.


  7. When I can read the takes you guys have on the games, it is almost as like I know exactly what went wrong; I can picture the game unfolding in my head rather than just having to imagine it by the AP report and box score.