Preview and Chat: The New Jersey Nets

Rob L. —  November 26, 2006

All That Jazz The Lakers need to bounce back after a tough loss on the road. The Utah game went down to the wire, but the Lakers let Boozer, Okur and Williams get double-doubles. That won’t win you many games. On the positive side, turnovers were at a season low 11, Odom looked aggressive and we saw the return (albeit briefly) of Ronny Turiaf. Kwame seems to be progressing nicely as well. Now if only the Lakers defense hadn’t allowed all those backdoor cutters…

Nothing But Nets Vinsanity’s been having a good year. 51.4% eFG so far, and he’s averaging 28.4 points/40 min. But at 5-7 the Nets aren’t exactly lighting it up. They lost Friday night in Phoenix 99-93. The Nets were down by 22 in that game but fought their way back in. This was due in part to rookie guard Marcus Williams throwing up a season high 27 points. Still, the lesson from Phoenix is that New Jersey isn’t a team that will just roll over on the road.

99 Problems Yet this is a game that the Lakers should win. They out rebound the Nets on the offensive boards 29.8% to 21.6%. On the season, the Lakers have a slight offensive edge while New Jersey has the defensive edge. But the Lakers should be able to push the pace on New Jersey. I don’t expect to see a repeat of the Chicago game. Add in the Staples Center, and the Lakers should take care of business.

Marcus Williams You probably haven’t heard a ton about this guy, but he’s one to watch. Williams has not been consistent this season, and there’s a strong chance he won’t repeat Friday’s performance. (I certainly hope not.) But he’s shown flashes during the season. Don’t expect rookie of the year, but he will be dangerous in a season or two.

Final Thought I feel my turkey haze has lifted. I’m tanned, rested and ready to sit on the couch eating leftovers and watch some ball. Tonight should be a fun one.

Rob L.

Rob L.


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  1. Vince Carter is this era’s Dominique Wilkins.


  2. And on a slow Sunday night the Lakers win with D.


  3. And win on yet another night when the zebras seem to swallow the whistle on Kobe’s drives to the hoop. Ah well, I’ll take 8 of 24 when it comes with 10 assists. And Kwame? Damn fine game from him. Dude was everywhere. Flashing on pick and rolls, helping on drives, getting offensive boards.


  4. That’s an insult to ‘Nique. He NEVER phoned it in and tanked on his team. Which is why he was the face of his franchise, and Vince will play for at least three teams during his most productive years. He’s a punk looking for a paycheck first, a victory second.

    Anywho, nice win for the home team tonight over Jersey, especially Kobe. Yeah, he couldn’t hit water from a boat, but he still helped the team win in ways everyone always says he can’t.

    Marcus Williams is gonna be real good, once he takes over a team, having learned under Kidd for a few years.

    What’s happened to the Clippers lately, though? They’re on quite the skid.

    Farmar and Turiaf come back, and Cook goes down. Gary Vitti has to have the busiest job in the NBA.


  5. We don’t really know if Dominique ever tanked because he was never stupid enough to say he did(unlike Vince)
    The point I was trying to make with that comment is that Vince and Dominique were both fun to watch for the “wow factor” but they won’t and didn’t win a ring….although I’ve always wondered what the 80’s Lakers fastbreak attack would’ve been like if Jerry West had drafted Dominique instead of James Worthy.


  6. cool images of kobe in action during the game against nets: