Third quarter D steps up

Gatinho —  December 11, 2006

Getting statted up: Ginobili had 4 third quarter turnovers, Parker 2 as the Lakers for the first time this season showed signs that they can play lockdown defense against a contender in a crucial part of the game. It is a Phil jackson signature to finish quarters strong, especially third quarters, and the Lakers did that. The run was initiated with 5 consecutive offensive possessions going to the cup, 3 by Kobe, one by Smush, one by Kwame.

Odom and Walton were both +9 to lead the team.

The Lakers out-rebounded the Spurs 9-4 in the third quarter, and 41-33 for the game, 13-5 on the offensive boards.

Robert Horry was -22 and Tony Parker a -14.

The Spurs were in the penalty with 6:46 left in the 3rd quarter.

So much for that sprained ankle: What can I say? I guess he’s healthy. His frequent forays to the basket set the tone for the rest of the offense. Smush followed suit. The ball went frequently into the post and the bail out threes were dropping. And even Pop was impressed:

“The Lakers’ pressure was great in the second half and I thought we folded under that pressure,” Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. “Absolutely folded. End of story.”

A SA writer sees the light:

“But when the Lakers pulled away with a 22-3 third-quarter run, he wasn’t carrying them. He was enabling them. Bryant’s energy was infectious, and seemingly everyone in a Lakers uniform benefited from it. Lamar Odom found his shooting stroke. Luke Walton forced turnovers and ran the floor. Kwame Brown crashed the boards. And when it was over, you could tell why people in Los Angeles are saying this is a different Bryant and a different Lakers team than the one that flamed out in the second round of the playoffs last season against Phoenix.”

Random observations: NBA’s Greatest Moments was a 1984 Finals recap and then David Robinson was interviewed? Yuck PTFSW… Cracked fingers and lotto bounces? “How many leather balls does your team have in storage?” asked Mr. Stern… Kwame, one alligator, two alligator, three alligator, and get out of the paint!




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  1. One thing seemingly lost about last night’s game: At one point in the 1st quarter, the Spurs had an 11-point lead after a 28-11 run. It looked very much like the Spurs were looking to put the Lakers away early and get a good night’s sleep for the Clippers. But the Lakers weren’t having that.


  2. Very good article on today by Eric Neel about the Lakers.


  3. What do all the Laker fans here think about Allen Iverson. Do Laker fans want him here? Could he even play with Kobe? Is the Laker fan base generally okay with a trade for Iverson or totally against it? Phil said in the LA Times today that the Lakers are not totally against the idea of acquiring Iverson because Dr. Buss has always been open to bringing in All-Star level talent. My opinion is that Iverson is a great player and a hard worker (despite his “bad” image) and can help this team alot. I think he and Kobe can mold their games into playing with one another for the sake of winning. I think both of them have realized by now that scoring titles are fun and all but not nearly as fun as winning. I would like Iverson on our team but right now, it might not be a very good idea to shake up what we got going. We’re on a roll right now and i dont think its worth it to break it up and start over for Iverson (KG on the other hand, is definitely worth shaking things up)


  4. If we still had Brian Grant, we could make the trade and lose nobody.


  5. We’re 20 games in, and 14-6. I guess that’s all we can ask for. Now the real fun starts.


  6. And this is with our premier free agent signing not really contributing anything. Imagine if Vlad was actually healthy and able to knock down threes the way we usually would. This team would be deadly! And don’t forget about Mihm being hurt. I don’t want us trading for KG or Iverson or anyone else. Excluding his years with Shaq, Phil Jackson has always one with a plantoon lineup at point guard and center. We just need to develop what we have, and maybe add a few peices here and there. At this point I wouldn’t trade Bynum and Odom for KG. One of those players with a pick, but not both. And Iverson would not work in the triangle…
    If we need to add a peice, we still have Mihm and Mckie’s expiring contracts to use. That gives us room to bring back $7mil in contracts. So if we really needed to make a slight change, we still could make one without breaking up the core.


  7. Allen Iverson is just down right amazing. No one has more heart than he does. But I dont want him to be a Laker. As fantastic a show Kobe and AI could put on, there would be no trianlge and the team chemistry would be ruined. My feelings are the same when it comes to a KG pickup. I know these look great on paper…so did the Malone, Payton pick ups.


  8. I agree that the triangle would be useless if Iverson came here, but not KG. I think KG would fit into the triangle very nicely because his two greatest assets are 1)his versatility (like how Lamar is using his versatility to thrive in the triangle right now) and 2)his unselfishness. I think these two qualities in KG would make him a very good fit with Kobe in the triangle


  9. “you could tell why people in Los Angeles are saying this is a different Bryant and a different Lakers team than the one that flamed out in the second round of the playoffs last season against Phoenix.”

    WOW! Not only are people promoting Kobe, but they promoted us into the second round of the playoffs last season! I’m guessing the Clippers were consequently demoted to having lost in the first round. So I guess we beat Denver? If we keep playing this well, we may not only become title contenders THIS season, but maybe LAST season too!


  10. Steve Kerr is really sipping the Lakers’ kool-aid right now:;_ylt=AtM3B2PyGM77csJiOJkB2fWkvLYF?slug=sk-rankings121106&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

    I suppose it’s not too much of a surprise, considering that Kerr has been high on the Lakers all season, but #1?

    Personally, I’m in the camp that puts the Lakers somewhere between 5-8 in the league, at least until they prove they can win on the road.