Lakers New Year’s Resolutions

Kurt —  January 1, 2007

I posted the full list over at LAist, and while some of it is aimed at a mass audience (hence the simplistic explanation of the pick-and-roll) they are all things we can hope for. Here are a couple resolutions for the team.

Get healthy. It’s one of your resolutions — to eat better, to drop a few pounds, to actually use the gym membership. For the Lakers, they need to get their best players off the training table and on to the court. Kobe Bryant missed the first few games of the season recovering from off-season knee surgery and just recently has he started to get his explosiveness back. Lamar Odom sprained a knee a few weeks ago and will not be back for a few more weeks. And just in time for 2007, Kwame Brown has sprained an ankle, meaning a few weeks sitting and watching (leaving the team thin at center). There have been precious few games where the entire group has been healthy.

Raise ticket prices. Well, there should be at least one resolution on this list they will follow through on.