Just Be A Fan

Kurt —  January 8, 2007

We’ll stay cautious and level-headed, right?

DrRayEye asked that after the Lakers best win of the season last night, and it’s a fair question.

On one hand, my head keeps reminding me that they don’t award any NBA hardware in January; that beating Dallas in one game and in a seven-game series are two very different things; and that the Lakers still have the 21st-ranked defense in the league (in terms of defensive efficiency) and that could well come back to bite them; that based on point differential the Lakers look more like a 48-49 win team.

But I’m a fan — I want my team to win and by extension am naturally optimistic about their chances. Rose-colored glasses look good on me. And it’s hard not to be excited about this Laker team today.

This is what being a fan is about, enjoying wins like the one over Dallas. It’s about seeing a team come together before your eyes. It’s about seeing guys you’ve watched struggle — like Sasha — blossom when you least expect it. It’s about guys with great stories — like Ronny Turaif — stepping up and making big plays when maybe they shouldn’t even be in the league. It’s about watching your biggest star grow and mature.

…This team has been a joy to watch this season. Seeing the ball work its way around on a set has been fun instead of excruciating (see 2004-2005).

Rob L. said that and he’s right. We can break down all the numbers and plays (and we will), but there are times to just sit back, watch it all unfold and be a happy fan. Today is one of those days.

I’ve been a Lakers fan since the ’60’s; Baylor was my one of my role models as a kid. But I haven’t liked them much in the post-Magic era, though I tried when Phil came to LA a year after I did. But early on this year, I saw a huge change in Kobe, and started tuning in. Even bought a Laker’s jersey last month. Loved what I saw Friday night; great camaraderie and everyone having a ball.

The comparisons to the first Bulls’ 3peat squad are obvious. Nobody’s getting in the way of the team so they can show up on ESPN. They’re playing the game, and I’m lovin it!
—Chicago Al