Preview and Chat: The Houston Rockets

Kurt —  January 10, 2007

So much I’d like to write about, so little time because work is really hectic for me. So here are a couple conversation starters, and in the comments add your own thoughts about last night and tonight.

• Kobe Bryant, best selling jersey in the NBA.

• It bothers me to lose to teams the Lakers are better than, such as Memphis. This team has the annoying habit of playing to the level of its competition. But step back and look at the big picture — Odom is out, Kwame is out, and the Lakers are 7-3 in their last 10. I can’t get that worked up over this one misstep.

• Smart move by Phil last night to bench key players in a losing cause, saving a little something for tonight.

• No Yao tonight, but in his eight games back McGrady is averaging 30 points while shooting 51.3% (eFG%), 40.4% from three, The Rockets have been getting solid play also out of Howard, Battier and Mutombo. They are 7-3 in their last 10.

• Win tonight and the Lakers win the season series with the Rockets, giving them the tiebreaker for payoff seeding, if it comes to that.



18 responses to Preview and Chat: The Houston Rockets

  1. Alright guys, apparently C-Webb is about to be bought out of his contract by the 76ers, making him a free agent. We all know how the Lakers could use another big these days with Kwame and Lamar out. Do you guys think we should try and sign him? I hated C-Webb on the Kings and on the 76ers but when it comes down to facts, he is a veteran player who knows how to be a superstar and how to play well in the postseason. We could use a little depth for a couple of weeks til Kwame comes back so why not? He can’t jump anymore but he wouldnt really need to for us. He is an above average passer and a good rebounder. Thats all we would need him to do right now. Then he can ride the pine the rest of the year and be a veteran locker room presense while still collecting $$ from the 76ers which should keep him happy. I say lets go for it

  2. Well, the problem is that not only can he not jump, he can’t really run either. Have you seen him limp around the court? While his rebounding and scoring numbers are still above average he plays absolutely no defense, were talking on the Adam Morrison level here. You think we can’t defend the pick and roll with Bynum? Wait till you see the mackery having Webber in the middle would make.

  3. Unless you can magically get the 1996 Webber, no thanks, This season he is shooting 39.1%, plus as Ian said he hasn’t played a lick of defense in three years. He still gets some boards and is a good passing big man, but his knees gave up a while back.

    Plus, who are you going to throw off the roster to get him? Pay off McKie or Shammond, just eat their salary. Buss won’t do that. If we get anyone else this season it will be via trade (and I wouldn’t bet on that).

  4. You know the Lakers problems against bad teams isn’t just their problem. It has always been a problem for good teams, this year the Pistons are going through the same thing. That being said, come playoff time, aside from the lower playoff seeding, I dont mind. I’d rather go through the regular season building confidence against the teams we will be playing in the playoffs, rather than say the Suns, who beat all the bad teams, but aren’t playoff ready.

  5. chris henderson January 10, 2007 at 6:00 pm

    don’t forget that for these sub-par teams, their arena sells out for the 1 Laker game, it’s the highlight of their entire season if they can beat the Lakers.
    it’s been this way ever since I can remember, and I have been a Laker faithful since Magic joined the team and I moved to LA that same year.
    we just have to remember that these sub-par teams, they are going to play against the Lakers like it’s game 7 of the finals, and we’ve got to match the intensity…and that can be hard to do for 82 games.

  6. You know, the way the league calls fouls nowadays, makes me want to puke. Why does our defense end up being lackadasical? I have a sneaking suspicion it has something to do with the fact that when we play aggressive defense in the beginning we find ourselves in foul trouble for stupid ticky tack calls.

  7. NO TO C-WEBB. He’d be third banana on the Lakers behind Kobe and Odom. He couldn’t tolerate being second banana behind AI. He’s all attitude, no ability anymore, and would be a cancer on the team.

    When Phil tamed Rodman, they had the same goal: do whatever it takes to win. Webber’s goal is to do whatever is best for Webber.

    Obligatory Michigan extra time-out reference.

  8. The Lakers are really starting get on my nerves loosing these games that they should win. Its not going to matter that we beat Dallas and San Antonio and the like if we can’t beat the other 24 teams in the league and actually get to the playoffs.

  9. Webber should stay away for the simple fact that he thinks he’s till the late ’90’s Webber. Where he goes will be the team that promises him the most PT.

    League Pass folks were treated to Clyde Drexler talking about Smush Parker as a “stellar defender” last night.

  10. Webber, short minutes, perfect for this team. Well not perfect, but a justifiable means to an end.

  11. I agree with CTDeLude, imagine pick and pop with him and kobe, Webber is automatic from 15-18 ft and is coming of a season of 20 and 10. I know stats aren’t everything but if you think he’s not better than Brian Cook your delusional

  12. Brian Cook plays delusional.

  13. Sorry guys, swamped today, a lot of work and family stuff at once. I’ll try to get a new post up tonight or tomorrow.

    As for Webber, he still has a few skills, but to me he is a mediocre short term patch and we should be looking at playing guys to grow into a longer-term roll, or go get someone to fill that role. Yes, he is a great passer out of the post and that could be useful, but how long will it take him to be comfortable in the Tri. When I’ve watched Webber the last couple years, he seems even slower than Cook to me.

  14. It remains to be seen if Webber would not mind being relegated to the bench once Lamar returns. Also, what sort of impact (negative) would he have upon the developing bench players, as his presence would even further squeeze out VRad, Cook, and Turiaf’s playing time.

    That being said, CWebb is a good passer, decent mid-range shooter. But I would caution the Lakers about being tempted to find a quick fix to Odom’s injury b/c of the ramifications to team chemistry.

    It looks like Detroit would have a better chance and pull to get CWebb anyway.

  15. Maybe I’m delusional, but regardless of whether Webber is better or not, I think Cook would be better for our team right now.

    Cook is already familiar with the Triangle. Cook tries to play defense. Cook shoots better than 40%. I think Cook is faster/quicker than CWebb too.

    Then again, I think CWebb is a bonafide loser and thought so since he got to the league. I never thought he’d win a championship as a key player, and I don’t want him anywhere near the Lakers, even now.

  16. Bash Webber if you like but please, for all that is Holy, don’t say Cook plays D.

    Oh, that reminded me, Bynum stepped out on screens FAR better last night.

  17. Apparently it’s all over but the shouting, C-Webb is going to the Pistons. That team’s transformation is amazing — they won titles with great D and passable O, now they are all O and little D, with Webber adding to it. I really don’t see how they get out of the East unless their defense gets better.

  18. *Cough* Kurt you jumped the gun (though still may be right). Everything else has turned in an entirely different direction and it now sounds as if the Lakers want him (big if), they can have him.

    Also I was impressed with his interview on TNT halftime last night to say the least. Said all the right things, hopefully he meant them.