Staples Center Mini-Me

Kurt —  January 13, 2007

Did you know that when the Indiana Pacers were in town last month they held their morning shootaround at the home of LA Gear CEO Steven Jackson — who has a full-size replica of the Staples Center court in his house.

Henry at True Hoop had the details this week (and if you read one post this week, this should be it):

Steven Jackson, who is now the chairman of L.A. Gear, is a big name in Los Angeles basketball. His name comes up a lot, mostly because of the unbelievable gym at his Bel Air house where NBA players, insiders, bigwigs and even the occasional blogger (I have heard) cavort with regularity.

That blogger isn’t me, it’s friend of the site Nate from Jones on the NBA. Read Henry’s post and learn about Jermaine O’Neal working out there, Brandon Roy working out for scouts at this court, and more.