Add Odom To The List

Kurt —  March 3, 2007

After finally having two games in a row where he started to look comfortable, Lamar Odom is going to be out for a while, he has torn the labrum in his left shoulder. This is the same shoulder he had surgery on in 2005 and missed the last couple months of the season.

How long he will be out depends on just how bad the tear is, and as I’m not Will Carroll I won’t hazard a guess. But he is not playing Sunday for sure and it may well be season ending. My quick reading on this suggests that it is tough to tell at first glance just how bad the injury is, Odom is off to a specialist on Monday.

But this is bad. And sad. After last summer than the knee injury, it has been tough going for Odom.



7 responses to Add Odom To The List

  1. do we even have a small forward left any more? Odom, Walton, Evans, Radmonovic…. Kobe Smush and McKie starting alongside Cook and Bynum isn’t out of the question. Oy.

  2. Um, does Scottie Pippen still want to play? What about James Worthy?

  3. Lamar is a true basketball player who plays the game the way it is supposed to be played. He lives the game. We need his honesty and unselfishness ASAP.

    I’m sure that he’s impressed that the Clippers held Indiana to 64 points in their win at Staples tonight–that’s about what Lakers give up in a half.

  4. This has become the season from hell. I would have though the other shoe dropped weeks ago. serves me right for getting giddy mid-dec about my 35-1 championship ticket.

  5. This could very well be the heart breaker for what was once a very promising season.

  6. Things could be worse….wait they already are!!!

  7. I am Will Carroll. Unfortunately, I don’t have the same sources I do in basketball that I do in baseball. I think that Odom’s significant labrum tear is likely to end his season. He wont be able to reach up strongly for rebounds, would have signifcant pain if hit or worse, has his arms pulled or chopped, and I have to think it would affect his shot. It’s a bad, bad injury.